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i-Life Laptop

Brand: i-Life Model: i-Life Zed Air H
i-Life Zed Air H ●︎ Intel Atom z8350 Processor●︎ 2GB RAM |500 GB | 32 GB eMMC Storage●︎ Intel HD Graphics500 (12EUs 650MHZ)●︎ 14'' (1366 x 768) HD Display●︎ Web Camera: 0.3 Mega Pixel●︎ 4800mAh Battery Current Capacity, 6 Hours Backup●︎ Windows 10 Operating sy..
Ex Tax:19,999৳
Brand: i-Life Model: i-Life ZedAir 14''
Sleek & Stylish __ The classy look of the ZedAir is matched only by the convenience of its thin, easily portable design. **Highlighting Form & Function__ A stunningly slim body and impressive tactile finish accentuate real-world design features. **Effortless Elegance__ The sleek cover offers..
Ex Tax:16,000৳
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