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Wifi receiver price in Bangladesh 2021
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What's a wifi receiver

 A wireless appliance is an electronic device that allows a computer to connect to the Internet and other computers without the use of lines. They transfer data to routers via radio surges which it transmits to broadband modems or internal networks. 

 What's the use of a WiFi receiver

 A USB WiFi connector overrides the computer's raised-in wireless functionality, instead of providing you a fleetly, further true connection to your available network signals via a USB haven. Since ultimate computers have at least one USB haven, you will normally be qualified to use it on both laptops and desktops. 

 How does a WiFi receiver work? 

 A wireless accessory, also called a wireless network accessory, has two primary functions 1) converts data from its bipartite electronic form to radio commonness signals and transmits them and 2) receives RF signals and converts them to bipartite electronic data The computer sends 


Brand: TP-Link Model: AC600
  • Interface: USB 2.0
  • High-Speed: 200 Mpbs
  • Frequency: 5GHz2.4GHz
  • Transmit Power: 20dBm
Xiaomi Mi Portable WiFi Receiver
Out Of Stock
Brand: Xiaomi Model: Xiaomi Mi WiFi Receiver
Xiaomi Mi Portable WiFi ReceiverXiaomi MI portable WiFi router can create free WiFi network, only need to insert it to the computer or laptop which has access to the internet then a WiFi network will be created automatically. And only need to put your mobile phone, PAD and other mobile devices to co..
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