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Brand: Deep Cool Model: Deep Cool XFAN
 DEEP COOL XFAN 120●︎ Overall Dimension: 120X120X25mm●︎ Fan Dimension: 120X120X25mm●︎ Net Weight: 180g●︎ Bearing Type: Hydro Bearing●︎ Rated Voltage: 12VDC●︎ Operating Voltage: 10.8~13.2VDC●︎ Started Voltage: 7VDC●︎ Rated Current: 0.07±10%A●︎ Power Input: 0.84W●︎ Fan Speed: 1300±10%RPM●︎ Max. A..
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Brand: Deep Cool Model: Deep Cool XFAN
 DEEP COOL XFAN 12CM●︎  Fan speed: 1300 ± 10% RPM●︎ Noise: 25dB(A)●︎ Bearing type: Hydro bearing●︎ Fan szie: 120X120X25mm●︎ Rated voltage: 12V DC●︎ Opeation voltage: 10.8 ~ 13.2VDC●︎ Rated current: 0.07 ± 10% A●︎ Input power: 0.84W●︎  Max air flow: 44.71CFM●︎  Weight: 180g●︎ Powe..
Ex Tax:700৳
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