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Model: TwinMOS X3 32GB Brand: TwinMOS
TwinMOS X3 32GB USB 3.0:>Model- TwinMOS X3 32GB>Interface: USB 3.0>Capacity: 32GB>Access Time Read (MBps): 55>Access Time Write (MBps): 5,>System Requirements Windows® 2000, XP, Vist..
Ex Tax:650৳
Model: TWINMOS 16GB USB 3.0 X3 Brand: TwinMOS
TWINMOS 16GB USB 3.0 X3 PREMIUM:>Model- TWINMOS 16GB USB 3.0 X3 >Interface: USB 3.0>Capacity: 16GB>Access Time Read (MBps): 55>Access Time Write (MBps): 5>Color Black>Dimensi..
Ex Tax:450৳
Model: TWINMOS 16GB USB X2 Brand: TwinMOS
TwinMOS X2 PREMIUM 16GB USB 2.0:>Model- TWINMOS 16GB USB X2>Color Black>Dimensions (L x W x H) 55MM X 17MM X 9.1MM>Mobile USB flash drive, USB 2.0 compatible>Hot swappable, USB Plug &am..
Ex Tax:450৳
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