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Access Control

Model: ZKTeco uFace602 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco uFace602 Specification:Fingerprint Capacity: 4000Face Capacity: 3000ID Card Capacity: 10000Display: 4.3 Inch**01 years Warranty.ZKTeco uFace602 Access Control ZKTeco UFace602 is basic..
Ex Tax:22,500৳
Model: ZKTeco MB300 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco MB300 Specification: Face 400Fingerprint Capacity 500  ID Card Capacity 1,000  Log Capacity 80,000 2.8-inch TFT ScreenTCP/IP,USB-host**01 years Warranty.What ..
Ex Tax:13,000৳
Model: iClock9000-G Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco iClock9000-G Specification:User Capacity: 6,000Fingerprint Capacity: 6,000ID Card Capacity: 6000 Record Capacity: 200000Display: 2.8’ color screenCommunication: TCP/IP, WiFi, USB-host..
Ex Tax:9,300৳
Model: UA760 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKteco UA760 Specification:User Capacity: 3,000Fingerprint Capacity: 3,000ID Card Capacity: 3000 Record Capacity: 50,000Display: 2.8’ color screenCommunication: TCP/IP, WiFi, USB-hostStandard Fun..
Ex Tax:18,000৳
Model: Zkteco F19 Brand: ZKTeco
Zkteco F19 Access Control Specifications :Fingerprint Capacity : 3.000 (1:N)Transaction Capacity : 30.000Sensor : ZK Optical SensorAlgorithm Version : ZK Finger V9.0&10.0Communication : RS232..
Ex Tax:10,000৳
Model: ZKTeco Iclock480 Brand: ZKTeco
Zkteco Iclock480 Access ControlSpecifications :Fingerprint Capacity : 8,000ID Card Capacity  : 10,000 (optional)User : 10,000Record Capacity : 200,000Display : 3.5-inch TFT ScreenCommunication : ..
Ex Tax:15,000৳
ZKTeco MB30 Face & Hybrid Biometrics Time Attendance & Access Control
Up Coming
Model: ZKTeco MB30 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco MB30 Face And Attendance Access ControlSpecifications :Model : MB30Biometric RF Optional : Fingerprint and Face125kHz EM / 13.56MHz MIFAREMax User(1:N) 1000Max Fingerprint (1:N) 500Max Face (1:..
Ex Tax:0৳
Model: uFace 402 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco uFace 402 Attendance Access ControlSpecifications :Model : uFace402Display : 4.3-Inch Touch ScreenFace capacity : 3,000Fingerprint capacity : 4,000ID Card capacity : 10,000 (optional)Logs capac..
Ex Tax:23,000৳
Model: ZKTeco iClock880 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco iClock880 Attendance Access Control Specifications :Fingerprint Capacity: 50,000 TemplatesTransaction Capacity: 800,000 EventsSensor: ZK Optical SensorCommunication: Serial / 485, Ethernet..
Ex Tax:20,500৳
Model: Zkteco K60 Brand: ZKTeco
Zkteco K60 Attendance Access ControlSpecifications :TCP/IP, USB Host, Color TFT screen with GUI Interface for easy usingBuilt in latest fingerprint algorithm V 10.0Built in SSR excel Software, Open Of..
Ex Tax:6,600৳
Model: ZKTeco MB160 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco MB160 Fingerprint Reader Face Recognition SystemSpecifications :Fingerprint Capacity :  2000Face Capacity : 1500ID Card Capacity 2000Record Capacity : 100000Display 2.8-inch TFT ScreenComm..
Ex Tax:15,500৳
Model: ZKTeco AL-180DPL Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco AL-180D L Bracket● To install the lock body● L bracket for AL-180L**1 year warrantyFind more..
Ex Tax:850৳
Model: ZKTeco AL-180PL Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco AL-180 L Bracket● To install the lock body● L bracket for AL-180L**1 year warrantyFind more..
Ex Tax:650৳
Model: Zkteco AL-180D Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco AL-180D● Power-on to lock Working● Voltage: DC12V/24V input● Holding Force: 2x150kg● Weight: 2.15 kg● Size: 332×21×4mm**1 year warrantyFind more..
Ex Tax:4,150৳
Model: Zkteco AL-180 Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco AL-180● Power-on to lock Working● Voltage: DC12V/24V input● Holding Force: 150kg● Weight: 1.07kg● Size: 166×21×41mm**1 year warrantyFind more..
Ex Tax:2,200৳
Model: ZKTeco LMB-180Z Brand: ZKTeco
ZKTeco LMB-280 Z Bracket● To install the lock body● Z bracket for LMB-280Z**1 year warrantyFind more..
Ex Tax:850৳
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