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Apple MacBooks Price in Bangladesh 2022

Apple laptops combine the leading edge of personal computer technology with Apple’s trademark sleek design and usefulness. Packing a punch with some awesome technical specifications, and searching beautiful all the while, apple laptops have it all. Equally reception during a design studio as an office, an apple laptop will easily fulfill your computing requirements. the various laptops vary in size, price, and technical Apple MacBook features, starting from an 11.6-inch MacBook Air to a 15-inch MacBook Pro with Retina Display. All apple laptops accompany Intel Core processors, supplying you with the facility you’ll get to work anywhere, any time. Apple MacBook's superior battery power means you won’t be reaching for a charger every 5 minutes, and may comfortably work for hours without having to recharge. Apple’s commitment to an excellent user experience means the trackpad, included as standard on all laptops, may be a joy to use. Buy Now Apple MacBook with the best Apple MacBook price in Bangladesh from TechLand BD. With a number of functions at an easy swipe of the fingers, seamlessly moving between applications with ease makes multitasking and efficient working a breeze. Apple’s entry-level Apple MacBook, the MacBook Air, weighs just 1.08kg and is 17mm thick, making it hassle-free to hold around. Even the most important apple laptop, the 15-inch MacBook Pro, weighs in at just 2.04kg and is 18mm thick, whilst all models accompany a number of impressive specs, like an integrated HD webcam and impressively loudspeakers.

Performance That Commands Respect

The Apple MacBook Pro brings cutting-edge graphics and high-performance processors together for a performance that’s awe-inspiring. Macbook's whip-smart storage and long-lasting battery further increase the Apple MacBook's appeal. 

Display That’s Really Bright 

The MacBook Pro boasts a Retina Display. Its bright LED backlighting and high contrast ratio breathe life into every visual, displaying everything in vibrant and crisp detail. The pixel aperture and variable refresh rate of the screen make the system power efficient. Apple MacBook supports a good color gamut that particularly comes in handy during graphic designing, color grading, and editing. Apple MacBook price in bd.Speakers that you simply got to hear - Feel the beat with the powerful speakers of the MacBook Pro. Apple MacBook provides a good dynamic range and more bass for the max boom. Since they're connected to system power, they facilitate greater peak amplification. All this makes the MacBook Pro the right choice for mixing tracks, editing videos, or enjoying movies on the go.

Apple MacBook Pros - Lighter and Sleeker Than Ever

Apple MacBook Pros raise the bar with their razor-thin, lightweight design, and powerful performance. The Touch Bar on these Apple laptops automatically changes to support what you’re doing. This bar shows you relevant tools in which you’re already conversant. If you think that that’s impressive, you'll love that these Apple MacBooks feature Touch ID, which provides you sole and instant access to logins or Apple Store purchases.