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Off-line Offline UPS price in Bangladesh 2022

Offline UPS, typically delineate as standby power provide Standby Power Supply (SPS) are systems wherever the load is fed directly from the raw mains throughout traditional operations rather than the electrical converter outputs. An offline UPS that can detect an electrical failure and switch to battery power automatically.TechLand BD is one of the best UPS seller company in Bangladesh. TechLand BD selles different types of brands of-line ups like APCKSTAR , TecnowareTRMWaltonBlackbuckIDEAL,ZIGOR, APOLLODigital XMaxGreenMicropackPower GuardPowerPac,Prolink ,SANTAKStar etc.

The difference Online and offline UPS 


  • Online UPS The battery bank is always in line with the load.
  • Transfer from normal to backup situation Since the battery is always connected to the load, the online UPS transfer switch connects the inverter to the load at normal load.
  • Sensitive and extremely serious loads as medical equipment, data center online UP. Is powered by Due to the separation from the load to the hand, there will be no distortion at the output.


  • The battery bank of offline UPS is not in line with the load under normal conditions. Mainly connected to the load.
  • There is a millisecond of delay in transfer due to power line detection and switching by power electronics circuit.
  • Offline UPSs do not provide isolation. So offline UPS. In its normal operation there will be a voltage voltage reflected in the output.

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Best Offline UPS price list in BD 2022

Walton ARC UY02 650VA Line Interactive offline UPS 2,850৳
Walton UX01 800VA offline UPS 4,100৳
KSTAR 1200VA Offline UPS 4,700৳
TRM 650VA Offline UPS (Metal) 2,649৳
KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS 2,450৳
Brand: Zigor Model: Deba Pro 700
Zigor Deba Pro 700 UPS SpecificationGENERALModel: Deba Pro 700Power: 650 VA/ 360 WTopology: Line-interactive with AVRINPUTVoltage range: 145-290 VACRated voltage: 220/230 VACFrequency: 60/50 Hz (auto-sensible)OUTPUTVoltage (normal mode): 220/230 VACVoltage regulation: ±10%Frequency range (..
Brand: Zigor Model: Deba Pro 1250
Zigor Deba Pro 1250 UPS SpecificationGENERALModel: Deba Pro 1250Power: 1200VA/720WTopology: Line-interactive with AVRINPUTVoltage range: 145-290 VACRated voltage: 220/230 VACFrequency: 60/50 Hz (auto-sensible)OUTPUTVoltage (normal mode): 220/230 VACVoltage regulation: ±10%Frequency range (battery mo..
Brand: Santak Model: ROBUST SERIES 650VA
SANTAK ROBUST SERIES 650VA Offline UPSSpecifications :POWER RATING VA/W 650VA/360WVoltage 230VACVoltage Range 140-300VACFrequency >40Hz (comply with generator)Voltage 230VACVoltage Regulation (Batt. Mode) +/-10%Frequency 50HzFrequency Regulation (Batt. Mode) +/-1 HzReceptacles Universal x 21PC lo..
Brand: Walton Model: UY02
  • Capacity 650VA/390W
  • Display LCD Display
  • Input Voltage 140-300VAC
  • Transfer Time 2-6ms
2,850৳ 2,995৳
Brand: Walton Model: UX01
  • Capacity: 800VA/480W
  • Display LCD Display
  • Input Voltage 140-300Vac
  • Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz
  • 4,100৳ 4,490৳
    Brand: APC Model: Easy 650VA
  • power capacity:360 Watts / 650VA
  • Output Voltage : 230V
  • Input Voltage : 230V
  • Cord Length:1.2meters
  • 6,000৳
    Brand: APC Model: Easy 1000VA
  • power capacity:600 Watts / 1.0kVA
  • Output Voltage : 230V
  • Input Voltage:230V
  • Cord Length : 1.2meters
  • 10,000৳
    Brand: PROLINK Model: Prolink 1200va
  • Capacity : 1200 VA
  • Input Voltage : 140V~300VAC
  • Output : 220V± 10%
  • Transfer Time : 2-10 ms
  • 4,900৳
    Brand: KSTAR Model: KSTAR 1200VA
  • Floating Charging Voltage
  • Input Voltage: 230V
  • Capacity: 1250VA
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • 4,700৳ 5,000৳
    Brand: PowerPac Model: Power Pac 1200VA
  • 1200VA Capacity 
  • Sealed Battery
  • 6 Hours Recharge Time
  • Back-up 30 minutes
  • 4,900৳
    Brand: TRM Model: TRM 650VA
    TRM 650VA Offline UPSSpecifications :Brand:  TRMType :  Offline UPSModel :  TRM M650AVA Rating :   650VAPower in W :   390WInput Phase :  Single phase + GVoltage : 145V – 275V ACFrequency : 50Hz ± 5%Output Voltage :  220V ± 10% (main); 220V ± 5% (inv..
    2,649৳ 2,800৳
    Brand: Zigor Model: Deba Pro 2050
    Zigor Deba Pro 2050 UPS SpecificationGENERALModel: Deba Pro 2050 Power: 2000 VA/1200 WTopology: Line-interactive with AVRINPUTVoltage range: 145-290 VACRated voltage: 220/230 VACFrequency: 60/50 Hz (auto-sensible)OUTPUTVoltage (normal mode): 220/230 VACVoltage regulation: ±10%Frequenc..
    Brand: Blackbuck Model: Blackbuck 1200VA
  • Capacity 1200VA
  • Input Voltage 230 VAC
  • Frequency 40-70Hz
  • Transfer Time 2-4ms
  • 5,400৳
    Brand: Max Green Model: MG-LI-EAP-650VA
  • Capacity 650VA
  • 2 Universal Sockets
  • Input Voltage 220Vac
  • Frequency: 50Hz ± 1Hz
  • 2,800৳
    KSTAR 650VA Offline UPS
    -18 %
    Brand: KSTAR Model: KSTAR 650VA
  • Floating Charging Voltage
  • Input Voltage: 230V
  • Battery Voltage:12V
  • Frequency: 40 Hz
  • 2,450৳ 3,000৳
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