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Model: HERMES P3 Brand: Gamdias
Gamdias HERMES P3 Keyboard Specifications:FeaturesType: Blue / Brown / Red / BlackCable Length: 1.5m ( TPE with Gold-plated Connector )Polling Rate: 1000HzSwitch Lifecycle: 50 MillionKeys2 dedica..
Ex Tax:6,400৳
Model: Hermes E1B Brand: Gamdias
Gamdias Hermes E1B Gaming ComboKeyboardCable Length 1.5mDimension(LxWxH) : 432 x 130 x 35 mmInterface : USBKey Switch : GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical SwitchesOthers : Backlit: Multi-colorSwitch Li..
Ex Tax:4,200৳
Model: GAMDIAS Hermes M1 Brand: Gamdias
GAMDIAS Hermes M1●︎ GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Switches●︎ Play Macro via FN+G1/G2●︎ 256K Built-in Memory●︎ Neon Light Spectrum●︎ New Sculpted Keys●︎ Quick-Attach Wrist Rest●︎ 21-key Rollover●︎ HERA ..
Ex Tax:3,200৳
Model: Gamdias HERMES P2 Brand: Gamdias
Gamdias HERMES P2●︎ GAMDIAS Certified Mechanical Optical Switches●︎ Metal back plating Mechanical Keyboard●︎ RGB Backlighting●︎ New Sculpted Keys●︎ Ergonomic Wrist Rest●︎ Anti-ghosting with N-key roll..
Ex Tax:5,700৳
Gamdias GKC6000 ARES ESSENTIAL Keyboard Mouse Gaming Combo
Out Of Stock
Model: Gamdias GKC6000 ARES Brand: Gamdias
Gamdias GKC6000 ARES●︎ 4-layer Structure (Membrane)●︎ 3-color Backlit Illumination●︎ Anti-ghosting with 19-key rollover●︎ WASD and Arrow Keys Exchange●︎ Consecutive Attack Mode Mouse●︎ 2500 DPI●︎ Weig..
Ex Tax:1,950৳
Model: HERMES P1 Brand: Gamdias
GAMDIAS HERMES P1 RGBHERMES 7 Color mechanical keyboard delivers dynamic and vivid lighting patterns to color up your gaming sessions!GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches are enginerred to deliver qu..
Ex Tax:6,000৳
GAMDIAS GKB3000 HERMES 7 Color Backlit RGB Gaming Mechanical Keyboard
Out Of Stock
Model: GKB3000 Brand: Gamdias
GAMDIAS GKB3000 HERMES 7 HERMES 7 Color mechanical keyboard delivers dynamic and vivid lighting patterns to color up your gaming sessions!GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches are enginerred to d..
Ex Tax:4,600৳
Model: ARES P1 Brand: Gamdias
GAMDIAS ARES P1 RGBARES P1 RGB comes with 16.8 million six zones RGB lighting effects, spill resistant structure and 8 additional multi-media keys! Additionaly, you can customise your gameply with GAM..
Ex Tax:2,500৳
Model: GKC1002 Brand: Gamdias
GAMDIAS HERMES LITE COMBO GKC1002GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches are engineerred to deliver exceptional mechanical tactile responsiveness. Its ergonomic design and key responsiveness make typing..
Ex Tax:4,200৳
Model: HERMES E1A Brand: Gamdias
GAMDIAS HERMES E1A COMBOHERMES E1A COMBO contains waterproof and cliky mem-chanical switches keyboard. The 3200 DPI precise optical sensor is powered by ZEUS E2 gaming mouse, upgrades the accuracy in ..
Ex Tax:3,200৳
Model: ARES M1 Brand: Gamdias
Membrane Gaming KeyboardPremium micro-processor, 320K built-in memory, and 32 programmable keys. Up to 16.8 million of backlighting colors and 6-level of brightness and pulsating mode adjustments crea..
Ex Tax:2,300৳
Model: GKC 6000 Brand: Gamdias
GKC 6000 Membrane Keyboard Mouse ComboARES Essential has a phenomenal design, toughest structure with 4 keyboard layers, and nice tactile feel.The traditional backlit membrane keyboard has only 3-laye..
Ex Tax:1,950৳
Model: ARES 7 Brand: Gamdias
ARES 7 COLOR ESSENTIAL COMBO●︎ 4-layer Structure (Membrane)●︎ 7-Color illuminated backlit●︎ Anti-ghosting with 19-key rollover●︎ New Sculpted Keys●︎ 11 Multimedia Hotkeys Mouse●︎ 3200 DPI●︎ 5 million ..
Ex Tax:2,250৳
Model: Poseidon M1 Brand: Gamdias
POSEIDON M1 COMBO●︎ Neon Light Spectrum (Combo)Multi-color backlight●︎ Spill Resistant Structure (Keyboard)Designed to drain spills and keep damaging liquids away from vital components●︎ Adjustable DP..
Ex Tax:3,300৳
Gamdias Poseidon E1 Gaming Keyboard Mouse and Headset Combo
Out Of Stock
Model: Poseidon E1 Brand: Gamdias
POSEIDON E1 COMBOThe POSEIDON E1 features spill resistant structure and up to millions keystroke life span for great durability. The POSEIDON E1 offers the essentials: the adjustable DPI, 10 multimedi..
Ex Tax:2,000৳
Model: GKC6011 Brand: Gamdias
ARES 7 COLOR COMBO GKC6011●︎ 4-layer Structure (Membrane)●︎ Neon Light Spectrum●︎ Anti-ghosting with 23-key rollover●︎ New Sculpted Keys●︎ Quick-Attach Wrist Rest Mouse●︎ 4000 DPI●︎ Weight Tuning Syst..
Ex Tax:2,750৳
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