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Stock: In Stock Model: Fantech MP64XL
Fantech MP64XL MousePadSpecifications :Brand : FantechMouse Pad Design: PictorialDimensions - 25.2 x 8.3 x 0.04 InchSpeed-type SurfaceNon-Slip Rubber BaseHigh Elastic, Durable and Washable DesignIdeal for Keyboard and MousePackage Includes - 1 x Mouse Pad..
Ex Tax:200৳
SteelSeries QCK HARD Gaming Mouse Pad
Stock: Upcoming Model: SteelSeries QCK HARD
SteelSeries QCK HARD Gaming Mouse PadSpecifications :Hard polyethylene surface for maximum speedOptimized for low and high CPI tracking movementsEnhanced surface texture for pin-point accuracyNon-slip rubber base eliminates unwanted movement320 mm x 270 mm x 3 mm / 12.6 in x 10.8 inLow Friction Glid..
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Stock: In Stock Model: COUGAR NEON X
COUGAR NEON X RGB Gaming Mouse PadSpecifications :●︎ Width - 800 (mm) / 31.5 (in)●︎ Length - 300 (mm) / 11.81 (in)●︎ Thickness  -4 (mm) / 0.15 (in)●︎ Material - Cloth / Nature Rubber..
Ex Tax:2,800৳
Stock: In Stock Model: COUGAR NEON
COUGAR NEON RGB Gaming Mouse PadSpecifications :●︎ Width : 350 (mm) / 13.78 (in)●︎ Length : 300 (mm) / 11.81 (in)●︎ Thickness : 4 (mm) / 0.15 (in)●︎ Material  : Cloth / Nature Rubber..
Ex Tax:2,300৳
Stock: In Stock Model: mm1000 Qi
Corsair mm1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse PadSpecifications :●︎ Mat Warranty Two Years●︎ Mat Material Plastic●︎ Backlighting N/A●︎ Mat Size Medium●︎ 360mm x 260mm x 6mm●︎ USB Passthrough USB 2.0**02 Year Mat WarrantyRelated Video :Corsair mm1000 Qi Wireless Charging Mouse PadThe CORSAIR MM1000 Qi Wi..
Ex Tax:7,200৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Vigil MP902
FANTECH Vigil MP902 Gaming MousepadFeatures :●︎ Speed-Type Surfaces●︎ Quick Response to your mouse movements●︎ Built for maximum precision●︎ Non-slip rubber base●︎ Size: 900 x 300 x 3mm**01 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:700৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Vigil MP452
FANTECH Vigil MP452 Gaming MousepadFeatures :●︎ Speed-Type Surfaces●︎ Quick Response to your mouse movements●︎ Built for maximum precision●︎ Non-slip rubber base●︎ Size: 450 x 400 x 4mm**01 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:550৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Vigil MP292
FANTECH Vigil MP292 Gaming MousepadFeatures :●︎ Speed-Type Surfaces●︎ Quick Response to your mouse movements●︎ Built for maximum precision●︎ Non-slip rubber base●︎ Size: 290 x 250 x 3mm**01 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:275৳
Stock: In Stock Model: CORSAIR MM350 PREMIUM
CORSAIR MM350 PREMIUM ANTI-FRAY CLOTH EXTENDED XL GAMING MOUSE PADSpecifications :●︎ Extended XL Size: Cover your whole gaming area with a massive 930mm x 400mm (36.6” x 15.7”) surface, giving ample room for your mouse, keyboard and more●︎ Extra Thick Comfort: Stay in the game longer with 5mm plush ..
Ex Tax:3,400৳
SteelSeries QCK PRISM RGB Gaming Mouse Pad
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: QCK PRISM RGB
QCK PRISM●︎ 360-degree 12 zone Prism RGB Illumination●︎ Dual-Textured Surface●︎ GameSense Lighting Support●︎ PrismSync Support●︎ Intuitive Cable DesignPlay Both SidesChoose between a premium hard polymer surface for fast-paced gaming or a micro-textured cloth for extra control.Prism LightingSeamless..
Ex Tax:6,400৳
Stock: In Stock Model: QCK
QCK●︎ Exclusive QcK micro-woven cloth for maximum control●︎ Optimized for low and high CPI tracking movements●︎ Durable and washable for easy cleaning●︎ Top choice of esports pros for more than 15 years●︎ 250 mm x 210 mm x 2 mmLegendary Micro-Woven ClothWith over 10 million sold, the SteelSeries QcK..
Ex Tax:1,250৳
Redragon S107 Gaming Keyboard Mouse Mouse Pad Combo
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: Redragon S107
Redragon S107 GamingRedragon S107 Gaming Keyboard, Mouse, Mouse pad, Mechanical Feel 104 Key RGB LED Keyboard, Wired 3200 DPI Mouse, Large Mouse Pad for PC Computer Games - [Keyboard Mouse Mouse Pad Set]. Click here for more combo..MOUSE PAD GAMING KEYBOARD AND GAMING MOUSE Combo;The Redragon S107 G..
Ex Tax:3,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Asus Cerberus
Asus Cerberus Mouse Pad●︎ Premium heavy-weave fabric: Accurate controlled movement●︎ Works with all sensor types and sensitivity: Pixel-precise tracking●︎ Fray-resistant design: Embroidered edge for better feel, comfort and durability●︎ Weight: 270 gDimensions - Broad 400x300mm surface- Comfortable ..
Ex Tax:1,600৳
Stock: In Stock Model: FANTECH MPR800 Firefly
FANTECH MPR800 Firefly RGB●︎ power connection: Micro USB●︎ material: cloth, rubber, plastic●︎ Size: 780mm x 300mm x 4mm● RGB soft tube 4 kinds of light effect mode● Extended version area length 78x width 30 cm● Non-slip rubber bottom clothing table does not slide● Flexible cloth storage convenient● ..
Ex Tax:1,850৳
Stock: In Stock Model: V1000
The perfect foundation for your skills: The V1000 is the ideal multi-genre mouse mat – developed for the best performance, no matter what game, sensor or sensitivity. The heat-treated poly-fibre surface is optimized for pixel-precise aiming, while the rubberized “V” backing guarantees maximum grip –..
Ex Tax:1,250৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Logitech G240
Logitech G240Moderate surface friction for low-DPI gaming__Improves mouse control with just the right amount of friction for sudden starts and stops. Consistent surface texture: Gives you greater tracking performance and aiming precision. Matched to Logitech G sensors__The ideal surface, game-lab-te..
Ex Tax:2,000৳
BENQ ZOWIE e-Sports GSR Mouse Pad
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: ZOWIE G-SR
ZOWIE G-SR●︎ The Smooth and even texture offers a consistent and comfortable glide●︎ Newly designed rubber base offers increased stability on any surface●︎ 100% compatible with all types of mice●︎ Dimension: 470 x 390 mm ± 10 mm/ 18.5 x 15.3 inches ± 0.4 inch●︎ Thickness: 3.5 mmSR is the answer for ..
Ex Tax:2,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Cougar SPEED 2-L
Cougar SPEED 2-L●︎ Body Material: Surface: Cloth; Base : Natural Rubber●︎ Color: Surface: Black; Base : Black●︎ Dimension: Width: 450 / 17.7; Length: 400 / 15.7; Thickness: 5 / 0.19Smooth Texture: Ultra-Fast GamingCOUGAR Speed 2 has been designed to present a smooth texture that allows you to execut..
Ex Tax:1,100৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Knucker
Thermaltake Knucker 4 in 1 Gaming KitThe KNUCKER 4 IN 1 GAMNG KIT – provides a one-stop solution to meet all your gaming needs. The keyboard uses gaming grade plunger switches for mechanical like touch-feel, responsiveness and is equipped with 3-color backlight illumination with 4 stunning lighting ..
Ex Tax:5,900৳
Stock: In Stock Model: ASUS ROG Strix Edge
ASUS ROG Strix Edge●︎ 15.7” x 17.7” vertical gaming mousepad●︎ Designed for vertical orientation with specifically engineered horizontal textured-weave to ensure ultra-smooth gaming●︎ Full-color anti-fray stitching for smooth gliding with calculated friction for optimized mouse control●︎ Game on-the..
Ex Tax:2,600৳
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