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Memory card price in Bangladesh 2022

A memory card or memory cartridge is an electronic database device used to store digital data.At present, the country also sells memory cards in various types of general stores. However, TechLand BD is one of the best memory vendors in terms of memory sales.TechLand BD offers the best price in Bangladesh.If anyone need the lowest  price in Bangladesh without any doubt you can come to TechLand BD

How many types of computer memory 

The memory of a computer can be divided into different categories based on the principles of the memory or the function of the memory used in the computer, the physical properties and the connection to the microprocessor, the medium used and the construction technique. Computer memory can be divided into two main parts.

The Types of computer memory and Main memory features

1.Main Memory.2 Auxiliary Memory.

The main memory of a computer is called hard disk or ROM which is based on functions. Data can be stored and read in this memory. Data is erased from this memory when the power supply is cut off. This type of memory is called Random Access Memory or RAM. The computer has another memory called Read Only Memory or ROM. From this memory only data can be read but nothing can be written. Even if the power flow is off, the data is not erased from this memory.The main feature of the computer's memory is that it temporarily stores the results of running programs, data, calculations, etc. Due to its close proximity to the processor and complete control over the electronics system, the speed of storing and transmitting data in the main memory is fast.

What kind of memory in any work

If users want to use memory cards for storing movies, songs and pictures, they can buy cards from class four onwards. And at least class six memory should be purchased to store HD records. Otherwise, there is a frame problem when recording, pictures or sound may get stuck while playing the video. So a minimum of six class cards should be used for HD quality video recording and viewing. UHS 1 memory should be purchased for 4K video recording and photography. The same rules apply to the SD card of the camera as for the smartphone. TechLand BD is one of the best shops in Bangladesh for any  IT product. TechLand BD sells different types of Memory cards like Netac, SanDisk, Transcend etc .

buy memory card best price in Bangladesh 2022

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