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Portable speaker price in Bangladesh 2022

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Why portable speakers have been created and What are the benefits?

What if the song can be heard on the speaker without any hassle while traveling. Usually, we carry the speaker when we go to a picnic. If the size of this speaker is not small then it becomes difficult to get the speaker. Portable speakers are made considering this aspect. This portable speaker saves a lot of hassle by not only traveling but also moving from one room to another at home. Keeping in mind the general speaker lovers of the country, TechLand BD has come up with portable speakers of various brands such as Edifier, F&D, Havit, JBL, Microlab, Philips, Walton, Temeisheng etc.

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The dynamic speaker is the most popular type of speaker. A frame, permanent magnet, soft iron core, voice coil, and cone make up the speaker. The cone and permanent magnet assembly are supported by the frame. An insulated wire is twisted around a plastic bobbin to make the voice coil. The term comes from the tenth-century ruler Harald Bluetooth's moniker, which he used to unite discordant Danish tribes into an unified kingdom since the purpose of Bluetooth technology is comparable to that of integrating communication protocols. Jaap Haartsen of Ericsson, a Dutch electrical engineer, designed it in 1994. This is a standard for transmitting data from a device across short distances for a certain region.