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Product Code: Fantech GC-183
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Fantech GC-183 Gaming Chair

●︎ The Best Build Quality & Perfectly Ergonomic

●︎ Wider 2D Armrests Made For You

●︎ More Comfort U-Shaped Head Pillow And Lumbar Pillow

●︎ Multi-Functional Tilt Mechanism

●︎ Finest Core Materials

●︎ Full-Lenght Backrest Recline

●︎ Durable PU Wheels Smooth Casters

●︎ Stability and Safety Class 4 Hydraulic Pistons

●︎ Strong Nylon Plastic Base

●︎ Better Thighs Support

Fantech GC-183 Bigger size, extra comfort for you! The Fantech GC-183 is an ergonomically designed gaming chair, which comes with the highest level of comfort and innovative features. This model exclusively comes with adjustable armrest support and aluminum base.

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