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Corsair SPEC-ALPHA Tower Gaming Case                

♦Bold Exterior Design with LED fans: You'll never mistake it for anything else - the asymmetrical, hard-edged design of the SPEC-ALPHA and its numerous color combinations give it a bold, unique look.

♦Direct airflow path to keep your CPU and GPU running cooler: The SPEC-ALPHA has a direct path from the front intake to the GPU and CPU for better cooling.

♦Large side panel window to show off your hardware: Why hide it? All that performance hardware you built your rig with is AWESOME looking, so why not take a look at it through the huge side panel window?

♦Three included 120mm fans and built-in three-speed fan controller: Two front LED fans and a rear fan provide excellent airflow, and the built-in fan controller lets you decide exactly how much cooling you need with the flick of a switch.

♦Cable routing cut-outs and tie downs: Nobody wants to see a rat's nest of cables, so the SPEC-ALPHA has cut-outs and tie-downs behind the motherboard tray to keep your cable routing neat and tidy - and out of the airflow path for better cooling.

A NEW ANGLE                                       

A New Angle on Cool-

With its trendy, angular look, the SPEC-ALPHA very stands go into a crowd. however its appearance arn’t all that are trendy – the SPEC-ALPHA options native USB three.0 support, area for up to four SSDs, and a 3-speed fan controller for the three enclosed 120mm fans. an oversized window shows off internal elements and therefore the Direct flowing Path layout, that provides superior cooling by obtaining eliminate unessential drive bays. The SPEC-ALPHA isn’t simply lovely – it’s conjointly a beast.

Look Sharp-

The bold, trendy exterior of SPEC-ALPHA options a bird's-eye window show and front intake diode fans create it not possible to miss.

Stay Cool-

Three enclosed 120mm fans keep you running cool with AN clear direct-airflow path, and management|on top of things|up to speed|up to the mark|au fait} with a three-speed fan controller for final noise control.

Extremely Buildable-

With cable routing cutouts and tie downs, the SPEC-ALPHA has no issues keeping tidy, and tool-free drive installation and aspect panel removal means that you'll be able to pay less time building your computer and longer recreation.

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