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Corsair Carbide Series 270R - Windowed Gaming Cases

♦Builders-friendly internal layout: simple and intuitive internal layout enables quick and Easy building.

♦Versatile cooling options: room for up to 360mm radiator in front, 240mm radiator in the top, and 120mm radiator in the rear.

♦Expansive storage space: rugged steel Drive trays provide ample room for multiple drives.

♦Clean and minimalist exterior design: unobstructed panels deliver an understated Look.

♦Built-in cable routing: cable routing compartments enable effortlessly clean builds.

Carbide Series 270R Windowed ATX Mid-Tower Case                         

Rugged, Sleek and simple-

Carbide Series 270R is compact and built for building superior nonetheless minimalist systems.

Builder-friendly internal layout-

Simple and intuitive internal layout allows straightforward and fast building.

Versatile cooling options-

Room for up to a 360mm radiator ahead, 240mm radiator at high, and 120mm radiator within the rear.

Expansive storage space-

Rugged construction steel drive trays give ample of space for extra drives.

Clean and minimalist exterior design-

Unobstructive panels deliver associate degree unostentatious look.

Built-in cable routing-

Cable routing compartment allows effortlessly clean builds.

Direct flow of air Path-

Provides flow of air to the most popular parts with none interference from drive cages.

Look Hot. Run Cold-

Take advantage of Direct flow of air Cooling likewise as ample space for radiators within the front, high and rear. Keep your rig running cool and quiet with 270R’s monumental cooling potential.

Keep it Clean-

Unobstructive exterior panels give associate degree unostentatious explore for associate degree overall clean and minimalist style. The refined cable routing compartment makes it even easier to realize associate degree effortlessly clean build.

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