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Logitech G100S USB Wired Gaming Combo

Logitech G100S USB Wired Gaming Combo
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Logitech G100S Gaming Combo

>Model: Logitech G100S

>Resolution: 250 dpi - 2500 dpi

>Max. acceleration: 20 G

>Max. speed: up to 120 inches (4.08 meters)/second

>Ergonomic and lightweight design

>Plug and play

About this item

Engineered for accuracy and precision

DELTA ZERO SENSOR TECHNOLOGY__Building on the powerful legacy of the G1 and G100 gaming mice, Logitech G100s features exclusive Delta Zero sensor optimizations for high-accuracy cursor control. Whether zipping across the screen or honing in on a single pixel, the 2500 DPI sensor responds accurately to your hand movements. The LED-illuminated sensor is designed to go beyond simple eye/hand coordination, diminishing the thinking required to move your character, adjust your sniper scope, select RTS units or direct MOBA skill shots. **ULTRA-DURABLE BUILD__Gaming conditions torture typical mice. A typical League of Legends player may make over 50,000 clicks per game. Logitech G100s is designed to endure. Upgraded primary mechanical microswitches are rated to a 20 million-click lifespan. And low-friction polytetrafluoroethylene feet are tested to last an amazing 250 km. **ADVANCED SURFACE MATERIALS__Logitech G100s uses advanced materials for improved comfort and durability. To combat heat and moisture build-up, we added a durable hydrophobic coating to the palm area. For heavy contact zones, we added fingerprint-resistant coatings on the primary buttons. **COMFORTABLE, AMBIDEXTROUS SHAPE__With a natural contoured grip designed for maximum comfort, you will outlast the competition regardless of your hand size, grip style or handedness. The inverted trapezoid shape encourages a sure grip without a second thought.


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Logitech G100S USB Wired Gaming Combo
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  • Model Logitech G100S
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