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>Model-  Bloody V3 Gaming

>Cable Length-  1.8 m

>Connector-  USB (2.0 / 3.0)

>Encoder-  High precision optical engine

>Frame Capacity-  3.68 M pixels/sec

>Main Core-  Intelligent 3 Cores

>Maximum Resolution-  3200dpi adjustable

>Memory-  160K bits

>Number of Buttons-  7 buttons + 1 wheel

>Supported Systems-  Windows XP / Vista / Windows7 & Windows 8

>Transmission-  Wired

About this item

Bloody Multi-Core Gaming Mouse V Series offer a wide assortment in shape and size according to individual player's needs, so as to increase the operating stability and best fit for in-game control!

◆ Exclusive "Ahead" Technology reduces key response time to 1ms (normal time for others is 18ms). 

It significantly reduces the key response time stay ahead of your enemies in game play! 

◆ Exclusive-Resolves "Over-Clicking" malfunction. Greatly improves key-switch life span.

◆ Exclusive- Unique 3-core system. It incorporates “Low, High, Ultra”3 various levels for all game requirements. For instance, Core1 is suitable for Role Playing Games, Core 2 is suitable for FPS games and Core3 is suitable for senior FPS games (Need to purchase separately)

◆ Exclusive-3 shooting modes in left button-Use "1, N, 3" keys to shift the left button with 3 shooting modes., e.g. "single shot, 2x shot, and 3-burst shot” to boost up the firepower for the best funs performance.

◆ 8 Programmable Buttons- adequate for playing FPS shooting games with 3 shooting modes in left button.

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