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Thermal Pos Printer Price In Bangladesh

Most of us must have come across a thermal printer on an everyday basis without even realising it. Every one of us must have used an ATM or bought something at the supermarket. Have you ever wondered how the receipt is generated? These receipts are printed using a thermal printer. they're also used for printing labels, tags, tickets, barcodes and more. There are different types of thermal printers out there, categorised based on their size, options and the price. Thermal printers are rarely used for home use unless you’re running a business directly from your home. Some types of thermal printers may also be used to print high-quality photos. Some of the popular brands that manufacture thermal printers are Rongta, Posiflex, Bixolon Electronics and a lot of. Let’s take a look at the kinds of thermal printers available:

Tech land is proud to have one of the largest POS printer ranges available on the market nowadays giving our customers a wider choice than ever before to meet their individual receipt printing requirements. Techland’s thermal printer range offers a selection of fast, reliable barcode, label, ticket and receipt printers.