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Cougar 450K Hybrid Mechanical

●︎ Key Switch: Hybrid mechanical switch

●︎ Backlight:3 colors

●︎ Game Type:FPS / MMORPG / MOBA / RTS

●︎ On-board Memory:Yes

●︎ Polling Rate:1000Hz / 1ms

●︎ Anti-Ghosting Keys:26-Key Rollover

●︎ Software:COUGAR UIX™ System

●︎ Programmable Keys:10

●︎ Interface:USB plug

●︎ Cable Length:1.8m Braided

●︎ Dimension:170(L) X 470(W) X 40(H) mm 6.69(L) X18.50(W) X 1.57(H) in

●︎ Weight:1kg (2.20 lb)

COUGAR 450K Hybrid Mechanical Gaming Keyboard brings you all the features you would expect from a high end gaming keyboard. With highly comfortable hybrid mechanical switches, 450K provides the accurate tactile feedback of fully mechanical keyboards and a durability far above other keyboards of its class while at the same time offering a superior level of comfort and less finger strain. 450K also sports impressive customization capabilities that include macros, remapping and the adjustment of several key settings of the keyboard.

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