Product Code: Nitgen Fingkey Hamster
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Nitgen Fingkey Hamster Cutting-Edge Fingerprint Sensor

✪ Safe and convenient fingerprint scanner for security.

✪ Offers superior performance, accuracy & durability.

✪ Captures high resolution images at 500 dpi.

✪ Sensor resistant to scratches, impact and vibration.

Technical Details:

Fingerprint Sensor__ Optical

Resolution__ 500 DPI / 256 gray

Sensing Area__ 12.6 x 14.8 mm

Image Size__ 248 x 292 pixels

Interface__ USB 2.0 High speed / Full speed, Plug & Play

Operating Temp__  -20 ~ 60℃

O/S__ Microsoft Windows, Linux

Certification__ KC, CE, FCC, UL, RoHS

Duration__ Over 1 million fingerprint capture

Size (w x L x H)__ 68 x 68 x 81 mm  (with stand), 30 x 48.5 x 70 mm (without stand)

FINGKEY Hamster has a fingerprint sensing function and is a cutting-edge fingerprint sensor that prevents use of fake fingerprints. It can be connected to PC along with a nomal mouse and used for all the areas involving passwords and will be a competent security gadget without having to use a password, which is often hard to remember and misused by unauthorized persons.

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