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Fantech Mp80 Sven Premium Professional Gaming Mouse Pad

●︎ Gaming Mouse Pad - Sven Series Size (800*300*3 MM)

●︎ Immovable like a Rock (Gives Maximum Control during Gaming)

●︎ Premium Material used for Gamers & Designers

●︎ Sewed Edges for Ultra Durability & Long lasting

●︎ Maximum Comfort for long duration of Play or Design

Fantech SVEN MP80 High Non-Slip Base Gaming Mouse Pad with Edge Sewed provide a water resistance heavily textured wave surface in order to increase speed targeting experience and also improves the durability to prevent liquid staining. MP80 gaming mouse pad optimized thickness 3mm height for comfort cushioning support. Right angle wave structure anti-slip rubber base, natural rubber material is non-toxic and eco-friendly.

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