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CORSAIR VS-550 Power Supply

CORSAIR VS-550 Power Supply

CORSAIR VS-550 Power Supply

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  • CORSAIR VS-550
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Product Code: CORSAIR VS-550
Brand: Corsair

CORSAIR VS-550 Power Supply

>Model:Corsair Gaming VS550

>Maximum power WT:550WT

>MTBF 100,000 hours

>PCI-E Connector 2

>Power 550 WATT

>SATA Connector 5

>ATX Connector 1

>EPS Connector 1

>Warranty:2 Years

Real power: The VS550 delivers a guaranteed 550 Watts of continuous power. With 0.99 Active Power Factor Correction, you get the peace of mind from knowing that your components are protected from uneven power delivery. And, a dedicated single +12V rail saves you from the hassle of balancing your components across multiple power cables

Low noise, high efficiency: The 120mm fan is thermally controlled, so it only spins at maximum speed when it’s pushed hard – and even at full load, it’s pretty quiet. Smart design features like this are why VS550 offers up to 85% efficiency. Your PC system will generate less heat, and you’ll enjoy lower energy bills.

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