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Cougar Immersa Pro Headset 

●︎ 7.1 Virtual Surround 360 degrees Immersive Audio

●︎ Rapid, Responsive, and Intuitive Earcup Dials to Adjust the Volume and Mute the Mic

●︎ Unparalleled Comfort

●︎ Retractable Microphone and Noise Cancellation Technology

●︎ COUGAR UIX System

●︎ Extended Compatibility: Desktop Computers, Laptops, Mobile Devices, Tablets, Handheld Consoles, Consoles

Cougar Immersa Pro: 

Get Immersed__ Immersa Pro is the definitive gaming headset. Its 7.1 Virtual Surround audio allows you to become truly immersed in the heat of battle, hearing your enemies’ steps while they approach you to meet their defeat. ✡ 7.1 Virtual Surround 360º Immersive Audio__ Get a 360º experience with Immersa Pro's high quality 7.1 virtual surround sound. Immersa Pro's 50mm neodymium drivers bring you lifelike audio feedback during your game that allows you to compete at any level. Hear enemies approaching you and battle the best of the best in a level playing field! Moreover, the COUGAR external USB sound card provides upgraded audio effects which immerses you deeper into all gaming situations.

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