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keyboard price in Bangladesh 2022

If you need a good keyword at the best price then you must come to TechLand BD. TechLand BD sells any type of keyboard best price in Bangladesh. The keyboard is an input device of the computer. The keyboard is used to enter information, data, and characters into the computer. There are different types of keys on the computer keyboard to perform different types of tasks. Such as operation key, cursor key, function key, control key, and numeric keypad.

Use of keyboard

The computer operator gives the input command to the computer through the keyboard. keyboard price in Bangladesh. Shoot these commands There can be different types. The inputs that we give through the keyboard are displayed on the monitor. There are different types of buttons on the keyboard. And these buttons have a variety of functions.

The keyboard's buttons are divided into different types of controls like

Typing key

  • Navigation key
  • Control key
  • Indicative light
  • Number pad
  • Typing key

Typing buttons are most commonly used on the keyboard. There are usually three types of typing keys.

Alphabet (A to Z)

  • Buttons A to Z are called alphabets. Alphabet keys especially for typing
  • Is used for. These buttons are not straight from A to Z. These buttons are one
  • As arranged in the system

First-line - Q W E R T Y U I O P

Second-line - A S D F G H J K L

Third line - Z X C V B N M

Punctuation key (, - & @)

Typing buttons are specially used for punctuation. There are different types of punctuation there are buttons. Which are given with names.

  • Dot.
  • Comma,
  • Underscore _
  • Explanation!
  • Question Mark?
  • Colon:
  • Semicolon;
  • Inverted '
  • Double inverted "
  • Star *
  • Hash #
  • Add the rate.
  • Percentage%
  • Copyright Mark 8
  • Lase than <
  • Gater than>
  • Function Key

The button on the top line of the computer keyboard is the function model. Functions on all types of keyboards. There are buttons. This function button refers to the function with F. There are 12 of these buttons. F1 To F12. Each of these buttons acts as a separate function.

Navigation key or Arrow key

Navigation buttons are typically used for playing games or scrolling. Its buttons are shot.

Control Key or Command Key

Control buttons are especially used when working on a computer. These buttons help different tasks can be performed. These buttons are usually called special keys. The control button is shot

  • Ctrl key
  •  Alt key
  •  Shift key
  •  Enter key
  •  Backspace key
  •  PrtScr
  • Menu
  •  Scroll
  •  Number Pad

Number Pad is provided separately for typing numbers on the computer keyboard. This Number pad is Especially used for calculations. This pad is commonly called a calculator pad.This pad has numbers from 1 to 0. There are addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and decimal buttons. There are many types brands sell from Techland like CorsairRedragon, HYPERX, Fantech, Havit, LogitechRapoo, A4 TECH, Asus, Walton, Apple, Dell, Delux, Gamdias, GIGABYTE, HP. IMICE 

Best Keyboard price list in BD 2022

Redragon K551RGB MITRA RGB Backlit Blue Switches Mechanical Keyboard 3,500৳
Logitech G213 Prodigy RGB Gaming Keyboard 4,600৳
Redragon K580 VATA RGB LED Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 4,600৳
Redragon K630 Dragonborn RGB Gaming Keyboard 2,800৳
REDRAGON K565R-1 RUDRA Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2,800৳
Redragon K512 SHIVA RGB Membrane Gaming Keyboard 2,300৳
Redragon Horus K618 RGB Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 5,700৳
Redragon K588 PRO Broadsword RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 4,900৳
AULA F2058 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard 2,350৳
Asus TUF Gaming K1 RGB Keyboard 3,500৳
Fantech K612 SOLDIER Illuminated RGB Backlight Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys Best Selling Bangladesh 2,050৳
Brand: ReDragon Model: Redragon K551RGB MITRA
Redragon K551RGB MITRA RGB Backlit keyboard features:●︎ Full Size keyboard with 104 standard keys, full numeric keypad●︎ All 104 keys are 100% conflict free, anti-ghosting●︎ Windows key lockout option.●︎ 12 Dual action Multimedia and “F” keys●︎ WIN key can be disabled for gaming●︎ Ultra-durable..
3,500৳ 3,800৳
Brand: Logitech Model: Logitech G213
Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming KeyboardFor the way you work and play*Brilliant Color Spectrum Illumination lets you easily personalize up to 5 lighting zones from over 16.8 million colors to match your style and gaming gear*Prodigy Series Logitech G keyboard for advanced gaming-grade performance up to..
4,600৳ 5,000৳
Brand: Logitech Model: Logitech MK235
Logitech MK235 Wireless Keyboard and Mouse ComboWindows® 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 or later Chrome OSTM Linux® kernel 2.6+ USB portKeyboard Height: 137.5 mm (5.41 in) Width: 435.5 mm (17.15 in) Depth: 20.5 mm (0.81 in) Weight: 475 g (1.05 lb) with 2x AAAbattery Weight: 425 g (15.0 oz) without battery..
Brand: ReDragon Model: K580 VATA
  • Multimedia keys: 12
  • Programmable macro keys: 5
  • Material: Aluminum alloy +ABS
  • Connector: Gold-plated USB
  • 4,600৳ 4,700৳
    Brand: ReDragon Model: K630 Dragonborn
  • N-Key rollover
  • RGB backlighting
  • Layout: 61 Keys (Full Rollover)
  • Height Adjustable: Yes
  • 2,800৳ 3,000৳
    Brand: Logitech Model: Logitech K375S
    Logitech Multi-Device Wireless Keyboard   ♦TYPE AND SWITCH BETWEEN DEVICES (With Bluetooth, Unifying W/L association begin writing on your laptop, then switch to your phone or tablet at the bit of Associate in Nursing Easy-Switch button. The K375s Multi-Device works with in style brands an..
    Brand: Logitech Model: Logitech MK275
    Logitech Wireless Combo MK275 -   ♦Reliable 2.4 GHz wireless connection: A tiny Logitech nano-receiver connects both the keyboard and mouse using just one USB port   ♦Long battery life: Get up to 24 months of keyboard power and 12 months of mouse power without changing batteries&..
    REDRAGON K565R-1 RUDRA Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard REDRAGON K565R-1 RUDRA Backlit Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    -13 %
    Brand: ReDragon Model: K565R-1 RUDRA
  • Multimedia keys: 12
  •  Durability: 50 million times
  • Connector: Gold-plated USB
  • 104 Anti-Ghosting keys
  • 2,800৳ 3,200৳
    Brand: ReDragon Model: K512 SHIVA
  • 26 anti-ghost keys
  • 6 on-board macro buttons
  • 8 multi-media keys
  • True RGB backlighting 
  • 2,300৳ 2,500৳
    Brand: ReDragon Model: Horus K618
  • 2.4G+Bluetooth+wired 3 modes
  • Low-profile switch,Detachable
  • Super slim keycaps
  • Golden plated USB port 
  • 5,700৳ 6,000৳
    Brand: ReDragon Model: K588 PRO Broadsword
  • 102 Keys/ Magnet switch
  • RGB full color LED backlit keys
  • 9 Macro keys
  • 4 shoutcut multimedia keys 
  • 4,900৳ 5,200৳
    AULA F2058 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard AULA F2058 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard
    -10 %
    Brand: AULA Model: AULA F2058
  • 108 keys wired
  • Key life 50million times.
  • RGB Mechanical
  • USB.4.0mm Interface
  • 2,350৳ 2,600৳
    Asus TUF Gaming K1 RGB Keyboard Asus TUF Gaming K1 RGB Keyboard
    -22 %
    Brand: Asus Model: asus ra04 tuf gaming k1
    Asus TUF Gaming K1 KEYBOARDMain Features:Type : RGB Gaming KeyboardWired/Wireless : WiredKeys: 19-key rollover for responsive, reliable performanceProgrammable keys with on-the-fly macro recordingPhysical Specifications:Color : BlackDimensions: Keyboard: 451 x 155 x 36 mmWrist Rest: 451 x 66 x ..
    3,500৳ 4,500৳
    Brand: Logitech Model: G512
    Logitech G512 Carbon Rgb Mechanical Gaming KeyboardSpecifications :G512 ROMER-G TACTILE/LINEAR●︎ Length: 132 mm●︎ Width: 445 mm●︎ Height: 34 mm●︎ Weight (w/o cable): 1150 g●︎ Cable Length: 6 ftG512 GX BLUE●︎ Length: 132 mm●︎ Width: 445 mm●︎ Height: 35.5 mm●︎ Weight (w/o cable): 1130 g●︎ Cable Length..
    Fantech K612 SOLDIER Illuminated RGB Backlight Gaming Keyboard 104 Keys Best Selling Bangladesh
    -11 %
    Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech K612 SOLDIER
    The Fantech K612 Soldier is a full size LED back-light gaming keyboard that has seen use in a variety of E-Sports tournaments. With anti-ghosting features and mechanical keys it is an ideal keyboard for serious gaming.TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION (K612)1.RGB Metal Body Membrane Gaming Keyboard2.LED : Rai..
    2,050৳ 2,300৳
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