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Dell Latitude series laptop in Bangladesh

The Dell Latitude series is a line of laptop computers manufactured and sold by American company Dell. It is a business-oriented line, aimed at corporate enterprises, healthcare, government, and education markets; unlike the Inspiron series, which is aimed at individual customers, and the Vostro series, which is aimed at smaller businesses.

If you're looking for a powerful laptop that you can use to complete your work tasks, send emails, store presentations, save work documents, and more, then the Dell Latitude laptops are for you.

Dell is one of the most reliable laptop manufacturers when it comes to customer support. The company sells each product with a warranty, and there are no problems with its return if something goes wrong.

Battery life of this laptops is very good, you can easily do your tasks for up to 7–8 hours non stop. and the Build quality of this laptops is cheap than both HP and Dell laptops but their Design is much better than HP and Dell laptops.

Best Dell Latitude Laptop in Bangladesh 2022

Dell Latitude Laptop price list in BangladeshPrice in BD
Dell Latitude 9410 14-Inch Full HD Multi-Touch Display Core I7 10th Gen 16GB RAM 512SSD 2-In-1 Laptop
179000 BDT                                                               
Dell Latitude 3510 15.6-Inch HD Display Core I3 10th Gen 4GB RAM 1TB HDD Laptop
49000 BDT
Dell Latitude 3510 15.6-Inch FHD Display Core I5 10th Gen 8GB RAM 1TB HDD Laptop
61500 BDT
Dell Latitude 5310 13.3-Inch Full HD Display Core I5 10th Gen 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Laptop
86500 BDT
Dell Latitude 3410 14-Inch Full HD Display Core I5 10th Gen 8GB RAM 512GB SSD Laptop With Windows 10 Pro
82000 BDT