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HP EliteBook

HP EliteBook Laptop price in Bangladesh 2022

Just like the ProBook, the HP EliteBook is intended for business users. But the EliteBook steps up the game. If you're an office employee, freelancer, or travel from customer to customer, this EliteBook is a good choice for you. That's because these HP EliteBook laptops have extra options to store files securely, such as a TPM chip and a fingerprint scanner. In addition, they have an excellent build quality and an aluminum casing. You can even expand the EliteBook warranty via HP.

The HP EliteBook is HP's flagship product aimed at the business market. The casing of the HP EliteBook is protected against scratches and can take a beating. In addition, an HP EliteBook has a matte screen, spill-resistant keyboard, and good security options such as a fingerprint sensor and a TPM security chip. HP EliteBooks are durable, have a long technical lifespan, and come with a good warranty. The HP EliteBook G7 is the successor to the HP EliteBook G6. There are EliteBooks in the 830, HP 840, and HP 850 versions. The number says something about the screen size. For example, an EliteBook 830 has a 13.3-inch screen, an 840 has a 14-inch screen, and an 850 has a 15.6-inch screen. A 14-inch screen or smaller is ideal if you also use the laptop a lot on the go and take it with you to the office. Go for a 15.6-inch screen if you mainly use the HP EliteBook 850 in one location.

HP EliteBook Features

The HP EliteBook line is engineered to meet military MIL-STD-810 standards for reliability and performance under extreme conditions, namely for temperature, altitude, humidity, dust, shock, and vibration. The HP EliteBook features a magnesium alloy chassis, anodized aluminum lid, and palm rests, spill-resistant keyboards, active hard-drive protection, and dual pointing devices (touchpad and pointing stick). Earlier EliteBook models featured the HP Night Light keyboard light, while in subsequent generations HP has added a backlit keyboard option to some 15" and 17" workstation models.