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Technology has gained a superior advantage in the education field. Now instead of blackboards or computers, tablets are being used. A graphic tablet is a moderately priced computing device that enhances training due to its features. The benefits of tablets in the classroom are numerous. There are thousands of educational and instructive apps available in Android and Apple stores that help in learning for all. In the below article let us explore the benefits of using tablets for study. 

The Reasons to Use Graphics Tablets Offline.

1. Easy Operability

How to use Graphics tablets in the classroom? Tablets and mobiles are very easy to use than laptops or desktops. They have an added advantage over mobiles as they are bigger and come with stencils or touch pens. Even kids or those not technologically inclined use them easily. Toddlers nowadays can learn counting and alphabets swiftly by using the apps that employ entertaining tactics which the kids enjoy.

2. Easy ‘Bookmarking’ and Tracking Educational Progress

Tablets for classrooms allow for easy communication between teachers, parents, and children and track the progress of education imparted. Everything is noted down, saved in servers, and up for review at any time.

3. State of the Art Knowledge

With tablets and increased internet availability students have access to vast amounts of knowledge and cutting-edge research being done in their field. It has been particularly helpful in this epidemic period when students have limited opportunities to visit libraries and friends who have relevant course books. This is one of the major uses of tablets for students.

4. Providing Required Focus

Tablets for classrooms are especially beneficial in the case of students with learning disabilities. The tablet’s unique features like easy usability, flexibility in learning, and customized curriculums are helpful in this case. Physically challenged students can use it to create lessons and homework by speaking into them which will be converted to text. There are many apps online particularly helpful for students with disabilities. They can download the specific apps useful to them and use them in their studies. Tablets, in general, offer knowledge in a much more creative way, allowing students with learning difficulties to blend in with the rest of the population.

5. More Accommodating than Textbooks

Tablets are a one-time investment. There is no need to carry volumes and volumes of books which increase in price every year. Instead, download the study material into the tablets with no danger of damaging or books getting lost. It’s all there in your nifty tablet. The information is regularly updated too. This is one of the major benefits of tablets in the classroom.Quicker Visualization and ReportingOne of the ways to use tablets in the classroom is that students can easily and quickly document their reports. They can even visit labs, monuments, and cities interactively without having to get out of their chairs. They can even record the lectures or their ideas without having to use pen or paper. There are so many functions in tablets designed to assist students in solving issues and completing tasks quickly.

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Buyers guide for buying graphics tablets online

Buy graphics tablets online and create images on HD screen!! You can now easily draw images on a HD screen or can make editing to your pictures with the help of a reliable tool, i.e. the graphics tablet. You can explore our exclusive collection of graphics tablets, mouse, speakers, etc. at the Paytm Mall. We ensure that you will get the product that is perfectly suited to your desired needs at a reasonable price. We ensure that you will enjoy special offers and deals that may lead to a memorable experience with us at the Paytm Mall.

By far the most important thing to know before you buy a graphics tablet is what resolution it provides

Physical Material
Pressure Sensitivity
Cintiq still rocks
Tracking Speed
Physical Size
OS and Software Compatibility
Brand: XP-PEN Model: Innovator Display 16
  • Shortcut Keys  8
  • Stylus  Battery-free
  • Interface Support USB
  • Response Time  16.4ms 
Brand: XP-PEN Model: innovator 16


  • Stylus Battery-free
  • 8192 levels Pressure Sensitivity
  • Brightness 250cd/m2
  • Resolution 5080 LPI
Brand: XP-PEN Model: Deco 02


  • Battery-free stylus with an eraser
  • Silver hollow control dial
  • 6 Shortcut Keys, Roller Wheel/Dial
  • 8192 Pen Pressure Sensitivity
Brand: XP-PEN Model: Artist Pro
  • Resolution : 5080LPI
  • Visual Angle : 178°
  • Input Device : USB
  • Supply Voltage : DC 5V
  • 37,000৳ 45,000৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Artist Display 12 Pro
    • Technology : Electromagnetic
    • Shortcut Keys : 8
    • Display Resolution :1920×1080
    • Response Time: 14ms
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Artist 22-inch Pro
    XP-Pen Artist 22-inch Pro IPS Drawing Monitor Pen Display Digital Graphics TabletGeneralStylus Pen PA2 Battery-Free Passive StylusActive area 476.64mmx268.11mmViewing Angle 178°Tilt 60 DegreesInterface USBReading Height 11 mmCompatibility Win 10/9/7 & MAC 10.10 aboveDisplay Technology Elect..
    56,000৳ 70,000৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Artist 15.6 Pro
  • Viewing Angle :178°
  • Tilt 60 Degrees
  • Interface :USB (DC 5V)
  • Reading Height:10 mm
  • 48,000৳ 60,000৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: XP PEN P01


    • Color: Black
    • Pen Length: 15cm / 5.9in
    • Pen Weight: 11g / 0.4oz
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Star-G430S
  • Battery-free stylus
  • Both right and left hands using
  • OSU! Assistant!, Compact size
  • 8192 levels of pressure sensitivity
  • 3,500৳ 4,500৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Star 06


    • Battery-free Stylus
    •  Wireless Connection
    •  8192 Levels Pressure
    •  10x6 Inches Working Area
    •  6 Customizable Express Keys 
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Deco Pro Medium
    XP-Pen Deco Pro Medium Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet GeneralStylus Pen P1A Battery-Free Passive StylusActive area 11" x 6"Tilt 60 DegreesInterface USB 5V (Type -C Port Only)Reading Height 10 mmCompatibility Win 10/9/7 & MAC 10.10 aboveButtons and Shortcuts 8 Buttons + Mechanical Wheel + V..
    13,500৳ 15,000৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Deco mini7
    • Battery-free Stylus
    •  Wireless Connection
    •  8192 Levels Pressure  
    •  7 x 4.37 inch Active Area
    •  8 Customizable Express Keys 
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Deco 03
    XP-Pen Deco 03 Wireless Art Drawing Graphics Tablet SpecificationGeneralStylus Pen: P05B Passive penActive Area: 10" x 6.25"Tilt: 60 DegreesInterface: USB 5VReading Height: 10 mmCompatibility: Win 10/9/7 & MAC 10.10 aboveButtons and Shortcuts: 6 Buttons + Selection DialDisplayResolution: 5080 LP..
    10,500৳ 12,000৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Star-G960S
    XP-Pen Star-G960S Digital Drawing Graphics Tablet Specification General FeaturesAndroid Support: 6.0 and AboveStylus Pen PH3 Battery-Free StylusActive area PH3 Battery-Free StylusTilt 60 DegreesInterface USB 5VReading Height 10 mmCompatibility Win 10/9/7 & MAC 10.10 aboveButtons and Shortcu..
    6,000৳ 7,000৳
    Brand: XP-PEN Model: Star-G640
    XP-Pen Star-G640 Ultrathin Digital Drawing Graphics TabletGeneralStylus Pen PN01_B/P01 Passive penActive area 6" x 4"Interface USB 5VReading Height 10 mmCompatibility Win 10/9/7 & MAC 10.10 aboveDisplay Resolution 5080 LPI (Lines per inch)Accuracy ±0.01 InchReport Rate 266 RPSPressure Sensi..
    4,000৳ 5,000৳
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