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Brand: Gamdias Model: ARES M1
Membrane Gaming KeyboardPremium micro-processor, 320K built-in memory, and 32 programmable keys. Up to 16.8 million of backlighting colors and 6-level of brightness and pulsating mode adjustments create a customized battle game scenario. Special grooves on the bottom for managing USB wire of mouse o..
Ex Tax:2,300৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: GAMDIAS E1
GAMDIAS Demeter E1 6●︎ 6 Smart Key●︎ LED Lighting●︎ 3200 DPI●︎ Ambidextrous design●︎ Double-layer fabrics01 Year Warranty6 smart keys - 6 keys for strategic assignment of macros, profiles, keyboard keys, media controls, Windows functions… etc. You can be more convenient to switch function by 6 smart..
Ex Tax:850৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Gamdias Demeter E1
Gamdias Mouse With Mouse Pad♦6 Smart Key♦LED Lighting♦3200 DPI♦Ambidextrous design♦Double-layer fabricsGamdias Demeter E1 Gaming Mouse With Mouse PadIt’s time to get started __Premium micro-processor, with 3200 DPI precision optical sensor. Essential for optimized gaming proficiency, profession..
Ex Tax:1,300৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: GKC 6000
GKC 6000 Membrane Keyboard Mouse ComboARES Essential has a phenomenal design, toughest structure with 4 keyboard layers, and nice tactile feel.The traditional backlit membrane keyboard has only 3-layer structure. ARES adds one more layer of board to enhance the robustness.Splendid three-color backli..
Ex Tax:1,950৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: GKC1002
GAMDIAS HERMES LITE COMBO GKC1002GAMDIAS certified mechanical switches are engineerred to deliver exceptional mechanical tactile responsiveness. Its ergonomic design and key responsiveness make typing indescribably comfortable and exciting.The Erebos Lite V2 Optical features a 4000 DPI optical gamin..
Ex Tax:4,200৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Gamdias GKC6000 ARES
Gamdias GKC6000 ARES●︎ 4-layer Structure (Membrane)●︎ 3-color Backlit Illumination●︎ Anti-ghosting with 19-key rollover●︎ WASD and Arrow Keys Exchange●︎ Consecutive Attack Mode Mouse●︎ 2500 DPI●︎ Weight Tuning System (x4)Ares Essential Combo comes with Ares V2 Essential Membrane gaming keyboard and ..
Ex Tax:1,950৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: HERMES E1A
GAMDIAS HERMES E1A COMBOHERMES E1A COMBO contains waterproof and cliky mem-chanical switches keyboard. The 3200 DPI precise optical sensor is powered by ZEUS E2 gaming mouse, upgrades the accuracy in your game play.FeaturesKeyboard●︎ GAMDIAS Certified Mem-chanical Switches●︎ Multi-color Lighting●︎ 4..
Ex Tax:4,000৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Zeus E1
Gamdias Zeus E1 Gaming Mouse  And Mouse Pad♦Double level multi-color lighting♦Textured design♦Adjustable DPI♦Textured rubber side grips with non-slip design, bring you well experience of operation♦8 millon click (Lifecycle)♦Ergonomic design♦You will more convenient to switch function by 6 smart..
Ex Tax:1,990৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: ZEUS E1A
Gamdias ZEUS E1ADouble level Multi-color lighting design makes ZEUS E1 the most unique gaming mice! With eSports and LAN competitions becoming the norm, you’ll need a way to stand out. Two RGB light streams outline the Zeus E1 and give off a spectacular display in low lit rooms.3,200 dpi and a switc..
Ex Tax:2,200৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Zeus E2
Gamdias Zeus E2 RGBSense the dynamic movement of your breathe from your fingertips. Multi-color streaming lighting design presents dynamic live gaming experience! Using breath lighting effect during the fight, you can sense the dynamic movement of your breathe from your fingertips.more precise and f..
Ex Tax:1,100৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Zeus M1
GAMDIAS Zeus M1 RGBZEUS M1 gaming mice offers consistently accurate tracking, 1,000 Hz refresh rate, eight configurable buttons, and super-responsive switches.16.8 million double level RGB customizable streaming lighting design makes ZEUS M1 the most unique gaming mice! With eSports and LAN competit..
Ex Tax:3,100৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Gamdias ZEUS M2
Gamdias ZEUS M2 ●︎ Gamdias ZEUS M2 Double RGB streaming lighting (16.8 Million)●︎ Textured rubber side grips●︎ 10,800 DPI for pixel perfect accuracy●︎ Advanced ergonomic design for every game player●︎ 8 smart Keys●︎ HERA Software + Mobile HERA**1 year warranty...
Ex Tax:2,300৳
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