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Stock: In Stock Model: D6004-SC
PRODUCT DETAILS OF JOVISION D6004-SC:>Model: D6004-SC>Video Input 4CH BNC>Video Output HDMI(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768)VGA(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768)CVBS(PAL:720×576/NTSC:720×480)>Audio Input 2CH RCA>Audio Output 1CH RCA>HDD Type SATA Interface>Record Type..
Ex Tax:4,200৳
Stock: In Stock Model: JVS-D6008-S2
PRODUCT DETAILS OF JOVISION JVS-D6008-S2:Jovision JVS-D6008-S3 8-chanel DVR system has cloudSee and dual-stream technology, adopting H.264 compression algorithm and linux real-time operating system, video output transmit via HDMI ports with features of excellent connection rate, good transmission ef..
Ex Tax:5,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: JVS- D6032-S3
Jovision JVS- D6032-S3 (DVR):>Model: JVS- D6032-S3>Video Input: 32CH BNC> Video Output: HDMI (1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768)VGA(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768) CVBS(PAL:720×576/NTSC:720×480)> Audio Input: 8CH RCA> Audio Output: 1CH RCA> Video Compression: H.264> V..
Ex Tax:14,400৳
Stock: In Stock Model: JVS-D6024-S3
Jovision JVS-D6024-S3 DVR:>Model- JVS-D6024-S3>Video Input- 24CH BNC>Video Output- HDMI(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768) VGA(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768)CVBS(PAL:720×576/NTSC:720×480)>Audio Input- 4CH RCA>HDD Type- SATA Interface>Record Type- Manual,Scheduled,A..
Ex Tax:13,400৳
Stock: In Stock Model: JVS-D6016-S3
Jovision CloudSee JVS-D6016-S3 DVR:>Model- JVS-D6016-S3>Video Input: 16CH BNC>Video Output >HDMI(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768), >VGA(1920*1080/1440*900/1280×1024/1024×768), >CVBS(PAL:720×576/NTSC:720×480)>Audio Input: 2CH RCA>Audio Output: 1CH RCA>HDD Type: SATA ..
Ex Tax:7,300৳
Stock: In Stock Model: JVS-D6008-S3
Jovision CloudSee JVS-D6008-S3 DVR:>Model: JVS-D6008-S3>All D1 Resolution>CloudSEE technology,one-key remote and network plug & play.>H.264 Video compression technology.>Support audio compression to achieve real-time video monitoring function.>MP4 record file format.>Video I..
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Stock: In Stock Model: JVS-D6004-S3
JOVISION (DVR) JVS-D6004-S3:JOVISION JVS-D6004-S3 4-channel network DVR system has cloudSEE technology, one-key remote and network plug and play, dual-stream technology, adopting H.264 compression algorithm and linux real-time operating system, Video output transmit via HDMI ports with features of e..
Ex Tax:4,000৳
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