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Stock: In Stock Model: i7-9700F 9th Gen
Core i7 9th Gen ProcessorSpecifications :Brand : IntelModel : Intel Core i7-9700FBase Frequency : 3.00 GHzMaximum Turbo Frequency : 4.70 GHzCache : 12 MB SmartCacheCores : 8Threads : 8Default TDP : 65 WMaximum Size : 128 GBMaximum Speed : 2666Type : DDR4Max Number of Channels : 2**03 Year Warranty.I..
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Intel Core I9-10980XE Extreme Edition 18 core Processor
Stock: Upcoming Model: I9-10980XE
Intel I9-10980XE Overview:The Intel I9-10980XE processor is designed to meet your most demanding creative workflows. Experience extreme performance, intel x-series, provide additional headroom. This intel x series processor Features include the ability to overclock each core individually. This i9 10..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Intel i7-9700
Intel Core i7-9700●︎ Model: Intel Core i7-9700●︎ 8 Cores & 8 Threads●︎ 3.0 GHz Clock Speed●︎ 4.7 GHz Maximum Turbo Boost Frequency●︎ LGA 1151 Socket●︎ Clock Speed: 3.00 GHz to 4.70 GHz●︎ Cache: 12 MB SmartCache●︎ Intel UHD Graphics 630●︎ Maximum Turbo Frequency: 4.70 GHz●︎ Default TDP: 65 WMemor..
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Stock: In Stock Model: i3-9100F
Intel Core i3 9100F ProcessorSpecification:●︎ Base Frequency: 3.60 GHz●︎ Maximum Turbo Frequency: 4.20 GHz●︎ Cache: 6 MB SmartCache●︎ Cores: 4●︎ Threads: 4●︎ Default TDP: 65 W●︎ Maximum Size: 64 GB●︎ Maximum Speed: 37.5 GB/●︎ Type: DDR4-2400●︎ Max Number of Channels: 2**03 Years WarrantyIntel C..
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Stock: In Stock Model: i5-4570T
Intel Core i5-4570T Bulk ProcessorSpecifications :●︎ 4th Generation Intel Core i5 Processors●︎ DDR3 32 GB RAM●︎ Intel HD Graphics 4600●︎ Vertical Segment Desktop●︎ Processor Number : i5-4570T●︎ Number of Core : 2●︎ Number of Threads : 4●︎ Processor Base Frequency : 2.90 GHz●︎ Max Turbo Frequency :3...
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Stock: In Stock Model: CORE I3 9100
INTEL 9TH GEN CORE I7 9700KF COFFEE LAKE PROCESSORSpecifications :●︎ 4 Cores & 4 Threads●︎ 3.6 GHz Clock Speed●︎ 4.2 GHz Maximum Boost Speed●︎ LGA 1151 Socket●︎ 6MB Intel Smart Cache●︎ Intel UHD Graphics 630●︎ DDR4-2400 Memory●︎ Supports Intel Optane Memory●︎ 9th Generation**03 Year WarrantyINTE..
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Stock: In Stock Model: i9-9900KF
Intel 9th Gen Core i9-9900KF ProcessorSpecifications :●︎ Intel Core i9-9900KF●︎ 8 Cores & 16 Threads●︎ 5.0 GHz Maximum Turbo Frequency●︎ LGA 1151 Socket●︎ Clock Speed: 3.60 GHz to 5.00 GHz●︎ Cache: 16M●︎ Maximum Capacity 128 GB**03 Year WarrantyIntel 9th Gen Coffee Lake ProcessorThe Core i9-9900..
Ex Tax:41,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: i3-4130
Intel Core i3-4130 Processor (BLUCK)Specifications :●︎ 2 Cores & 4 Threads●︎ 3.40 GHz Clock Speed●︎ Sockets Supported FCLGA1150●︎ Intel HD Graphics 4400●︎ 3 MB SmartCache●︎ DDR3-1333 Memory●︎ Max Memory Size 32 GB●︎ Processor Number i3-4130●︎ 16 PCI Express Lanes●︎ TDP 54 W**01 Year WarrantyInte..
Ex Tax:5,900৳
Stock: In Stock Model: 9700KF
Intel 9th Gen Coffee Lake Core i7 9700KF 8 Core ProcessorSpecifications :●︎ Intel Core i7 9700KF●︎ Code-Name - Coffee Lake ●︎ Generation - 9th Gen ●︎ Base Frequency - 3.60 GHz●︎ Turbo Frequency Max. - 4.90 GHz, Core - 8, Threads - 8●︎ Smart Cache - 12MB, Bus Speed - 8 GT/s DMI3, TDP - 95 W..
Ex Tax:34,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Intel Core i5-6400T
Intel Core i5-6400T ProcessorSpecification : ●︎ Processor Type: Core i5 ●︎ Clock Speed: 2.2 GHz●︎ Data Bus Speed: 2200 MHz●︎ Number: 6400T●︎ Multi-Core Technology: Quad-Core●︎ QuickPath Interconnect (QPI): 8 GT/s●︎ Socket Type: LGA1151●︎ Cache Memory Type: L2 Cache●︎ Cache Memory Installed..
Ex Tax:11,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Intel i5-9400
Intel 9th Gen Core i5-9400 ProcessorSpecification:●︎ Base Frequency: 2.90 GHz●︎ Maximum Turbo Frequency: 4.10 GHz●︎ Cache: 9 MB SmartCache●︎ Cores: 6●︎ Threads: 6●︎ Default TDP: 65 W●︎ Maximum Size: 128 GB●︎ Maximum Speed: 2666●︎ Type: DDR4●︎ Max Number of Channels: 2●︎ Processor Graphics: Intel UHD..
Ex Tax:21,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Intel i7-9700K
Intel Core i7-9700K ●︎ Intel Core i7-9700K Processor ●︎ 12M Cache, 3.60 GHz up to 4.90 GHz, ●︎ 8 core and 8 threads●︎ bus speed 8 GT/s DMI3, TDP 95 W●︎ Memory Size 64GB DDR4-2666, ●︎ Intel® UHD Graphics 630●︎ 4k support and Sockets Supported FCLGA1151**3 years warranty.Click here..
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Stock: In Stock Model: i5 9400F
Intel i5 9400F Processor Overview:Intel 9th Gen Processor of Intel i5 9400F Processor is the star of the show for gamers, alongside some powerful, workstation-class options as well. Even so, Intel 9th Gen Processor has only just begun. The Intel i5 9400F processor was just released and you can ..
Ex Tax:15,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Intel i9 9900K
Intel Core i9-9900K ●︎ Intel 9th Generation Core i9-9900K Processor ●︎ Base Frequency  3.60 GHz●︎ Max Frequency  5.00 GHz●︎ Cache 16 MB●︎ Max Turbo Frequency- 4.60 GHz,Cache 9 MB. ●︎ Bus Speed-8 GT/s DMI3 ●︎ Processor Graphics - Intel® UHD Graphics 630,●︎ Code Name- Products..
Ex Tax:49,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Intel Core i5-9600K
Intel Core i5-9600K 9th Gen●︎ Intel 9th Generation Core i5-9600K Processor ●︎ Base Frequency 3.70 GHz●︎ Max Turbo Frequency- 4.60 GHz,Cache 9 MB. ●︎ Bus Speed-8 GT/s DMI3 ●︎ Processor Graphics - Intel® UHD Graphics 630,●︎ Code Name- Products formerly Coffee Lake●︎ Max Memory Size (dep..
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Stock: In Stock Model: Core i5-8500
Intel Core i5-8500 ●︎ Processor Base Frequency- 3.00 GHz●︎ Max Turbo Frequency- 4.10 GHz●︎ 6 Cores 6 threads●︎ Cache- 9 MB●︎ Sockets Supported FCLGA1151●︎ Bus Speed- 8 GT/s DMI3●︎ Graphics Base Frequency- 350 MHz●︎ Graphics Max Dynamic Frequency- 1.10 GHz●︎ Max Memory Size (dependent on memory ..
Ex Tax:17,900৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Intel i7-8700
Intel 8th Gen i7-8700●︎ Processor Base Frequency- 3.20 GHz●︎ Max Turbo Frequency- 4.60 GHz●︎ Cache- 12 MB●︎ Bus Speed- 8 GT/s DMI3●︎ Processor Graphics - Intel® UHD Graphics 630●︎ Max Memory Size (dependent on memory type)- 64 GB●︎ Memory Types- DDR4-2666●︎ Max Number of Memory Channels- 2**03 Years..
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