Value Top ATX Casing VT-163
Value Top ATX Casing VT-163 Model- Value Top VT-163, Supported Mainboard Type- ATX, Power Suppl..
Value Top VT-126 ATX Casing
Value Top VT-126 ATX CasingModel- Value Top VT-126, Case Type- Gamming, Supported Mainboard Type- AT..
Value Top VT-129E ATX Gaming Casing
Value Top VT-129E ATX Gaming Casing>Power Supply installed on the bottom, cables can be fully pac..
Value Top VT-138 ATX Casing
Value Top VT-138 ATX CasingModel- Value Top VT-138, Case Type- ATX Casing, Color- Regular, Advanced ..
Value Top VT-151B ATX Casing
Value Top VT-151B ATX CasingModel- Value Top VT-151B, Case Type- Mid Tower, Mainboard Type- ATX, Pow..
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