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Stock: In Stock Model: F&D T-200X
F&D T-200X 2.1 Multimedia Bluetooth TV Speaker>Model-  F&D T-200X>Frequency-  Subwoofer Frequency response: 30Hz~ 104Hz II >Satellite Frequency response-  135Hz~20kHz II>Total Speakers-  2:1>Connectivity-  Bluetooth operation range works at up to 15 me..
Ex Tax:7,800৳
Stock: In Stock Model: F&D T-30X
F&D T30X Tower Speaker (Floor Standing Home Theater)>Designed to perfection, powerful sound with wide range for a perfect cinema experience>Elegant and sturdy wooden cabinet design>Slim design matches well with flat TV panels>Bright LED display with wide view angle>Plug & play..
Ex Tax:8,600৳
Stock: In Stock Model: F&D T400X
F&D T400X 2.1 Tower Bluetooth TV Speaker>Model- F&D T400X>Crystal sound and thumping-heart bass>Bluetooth version 4.0 and supporting NFC function>Full function remote control>Karaoke function enjoying home entertainment>Party Made Special >Speaker unit- Satellite: 3..
Ex Tax:12,700৳
Stock: In Stock Model: F&D W12
F&D W12 Portable Bluetooth Speaker>Model: F&D W12>8W RMS>Power Output:4W+4W>Compatibility: Mobile Phone, Tablet, MP3 player, Laptop & Computer>Bluetooth v4.0, AUX>Supports all Bluetooth enabled devices>Water-proof design>It has USB port, Expandable Memory card slo..
Ex Tax:2,600৳
Stock: In Stock Model: F&D A380X
F&D A380X 2.1 Multimedia Speaker>Model- F&D A380X>3″ full range driver for satellites>5.25″ bass driver for subwoofer>Innovative automatic multi-color LED>Bluetooth 4.0 version and supporting NFC function>Product qualified by SIG certification>Bluetooth operation range u..
Ex Tax:4,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: F&D A380X
F&D A380X 2.1 Multimedia SpeakerSpecification: ●︎ Type: 2:1 Bluetooth Speaker●︎ Frequency response: 130 – 20 KHz(satellite) 30 – 110Hz (sub woofer)●︎ Noise Ratio: ≥ 70dB●︎ Separation: ≥ 40dB●︎ Dimension: W110xH118xD110mm (satellite) W252xH252xD279mm(subwoofer)●︎ Weight: 4.68 Kg●︎ Color: Bla..
Ex Tax:4,500৳
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