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Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad


Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad

●︎ Superior cooling and quiet technology

●︎ Patented AirFlow Wave Design for quiet cooling

●︎ Ergonomic and lightweight

●︎ USB-powered

Keeps Your Laptop Cool & Happy

CoolSpot keeps your laptop cool, whether you’re gaming, browsing, sharing or shopping. It minimizes heat to help your laptop run at its best.

Whisper-Like Efficiency

The curved shape of the patented AirFlow Wave design creates a continuous, evenly dispersed stream of air flowing under your laptop. This design makes for a quieter fan that won’t distract from your music, movies and games.

Ergonomic Design

The thin, ergonomic design is lightweight and easy to pick up, even with your laptop. The angled top positions your laptop perfectly for typing, while no-slip ledge holds your laptop in place. Grip pads on the bottom prevent slipping and sliding. The CoolSpot seamlessly integrates with any laptop to create a stable surface. 

Powered by Your Laptop USB port

CoolSpot is USB-powered, so there’s no need to carry around extra cords or a bulky battery pack—just plug it into your laptop and start cooling.


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Belkin F5L055QEBLK Laptop Cooling Pad
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