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LAN Card

LAN Card Price in Bangladesh 2022

Techland BD is one of the best e-commerce sites in Bangladesh.TechLand BD sells different types of lan cards like toto-link, tp-link, wavlink, D-link, etc.The purpose of a LAN card is to create a physical connection to the network - such as providing an open 'door'. The first interface supported by a LAN card is a physical interface through which the cable plugs into the card

The difference of  USB LAN card and WiFi LAN card?

 A high-speed wireless network card is used to penetrate a network via a USB harbor on a computer or laptop.. A wireless USB LAN appendage largely enables you to partake queues, circulars, printers, other network finances, and Internet access.(WiFi LAN card)

The Wireless Internet Card, also known as the Local Area Network, or LAN, card, is one of many types of adapter cards that add power to your computer. Other adapter cards can enable teleconferencing, improve sound systems, or download images from digital cameras. Wireless internet cards come in a variety of sizes.