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Brand: Gamdias Model: EROS E2
Gamdias EROS E2●︎ Gamdias EROS E2 Headphone 40 mm HD driver unit – 40 mm drivers provide realistic sounds effect and rich bass.●︎ Multi-color Breathing Lighting - Unique lighting effects for gaming headset.●︎ Best for console gameplay – Support PS4 and XBOX Omnidirectional ●︎ Flexible Microphon..
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Brand: Gamdias Model: EROS M1
EROS M1 RGBThe EROS M1 RGB is packed with featherweight headband that takes comfort to the next level, and includes powerful 40mm drivers so you never miss enemy footsteps.Features● Multi-color Breathing Lighting● Featherweight Headband● Fold, Omnidirectional Microphone● Ergonomic comfort● Quick Ass..
Ex Tax:1,800৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Gamdias EROS M2
Gamdias EROS M2 ●︎ 40 mm HD driver unit – 40 mm drivers provide realistic sounds effect and rich bass. ●︎ Multi-color Breathing Lighting - Unique lighting effects for gaming headset. ●︎ Omnidirectional Flexible microphone – The omnidirectional microphone with noise-cancelling function. ●︎ Overs..
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GAMDIAS HEBE E1 RGB  Stereo Remote  Gaming Headset
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Brand: Gamdias Model: HEBE E1
GAMDIAS HEBE E1 ● Ergonomic comfort● Omnidirectional Flexible Microphone● Oversized Earcup Design● 40mm HD driver unit● Smart Remote Controller**01 year warrantyThe HEBE E1 RGB comes equipped with latest features and tech. Multi-color lighting effects provide stunning illumination lighting and ..
1,900৳ 2,100৳
Ex Tax:1,900৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: Gamdias HEBE P1A
Gamdias HEBE P1A ●︎ RGB Streaming Lighting●︎ Virtual 7.1 Surround●︎ Sound + Vibration + Bass Impact●︎ Oversized Earcup Design●︎ Large 53mm Speakers●︎ Unidirectional Flexible Microphone●︎ Mobile HERA**1 year warranty.The Combination of Pratice and BeautyCustomizing your own style with HERA ..
Ex Tax:5,700৳
Brand: Gamdias Model: HEPHAESTUS E1
GAMDIAS HEPHAESTUS E1HEPHAESTUS E1 features multi-color illumination and powerful 50mm HD driver unit for exceptionally-tuned audio.50mm speakers deliver precise audio for a crystal clear gaming experience and offer the most immersive 3D sound experience to ensure you hear all sounds with pinpoint a..
Ex Tax:3,500৳
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