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Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech EG1
Fantech EG1 In-Ear Earphone ●︎ Speaker: 10mm●︎ Impedance: 18+-15%●︎ Frequency Response: 20 To 20khz●︎ Microphone: Omni Directional●︎ Jack:  Audio+Microphone●︎ Combined Jack Wire: 3.5mm●︎ Wire Length: 1.3M●︎ Drive Build For Mobile Gaming**1 year warranty.Fantech EG1: Experience superio..
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Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech HG10 CAPTAIN
HG10 CAPTAIN Professional Headset●︎ Full-Size 7.1 Over-ear Gaming Headphones●︎ Channel : True 7.1 (SSS Chipset)●︎ LED: Orange Illumination●︎ Plug type: USB Plug●︎ Driver size: 50 mm●︎ Cable Length: 2.4m Plastic cable●︎ Freq. range: 20-20K Hz●︎ Speaker Sensitiv..
Ex Tax:2,400৳
Brand: Fantech Model: FANTECH HG11
FANTECH HG11:Features:●︎ Style: Headband●︎ Communication: Wired●︎ Connectors: USB●︎ RGB Illumination●︎ Function: Microphone, Noise Cancelling●︎ Loudhailer diameter:40mm●︎ Frequency range: 20-20.000Hz●︎ Sensitivity: 114+/-3dB at 1 kh●︎ Impedance: 32 Ohm at 1khz●︎ Max Input po..
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Fantech HG12 Stereo Surrounded Gaming Headphone
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Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech HG12
Fantech HG12 Stereo Surrounded Gaming HeadphoneSpecifications :●︎ USB Wired Gaming Headset●︎ Noise cancelling microphone●︎ 360° surround lossless pure sound●︎ There is inline volume control, you could easily adjust the volume.●︎ Flexible soft fabric head band●︎ Chroma lightning**01 Year Warranty..
Ex Tax:1,550৳
Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech HG13
Fantech HG13 CHIEF●︎ USB Wired Gaming Headset●︎ Medium size On Ear headset●︎ Noise cancelling microphone●︎ 360° surround lossless pure sound●︎ There is inline volume control, you could easily adjust the volume.●︎ Flexible soft fabric head band●︎ Chroma lightning1 year Warranty...
Ex Tax:1,450৳
Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech HG14 CAPTAIN
CAPTAIN 7.1 HG14●︎ Full-Size 7.1 Over-ear Gaming Headphones●︎ Channel : True 7.1 (SSS Chipset)●︎ LED: Red Illumination●︎ Plug type: USB Plug + Remote●︎ Cable Length: 2.4m Plastic cable●︎ Weight: 415gr (635gr with packing)●︎ Freq. range: 20-20K Hz●︎ Speaker Sensitivity: 110+/-3dB●︎ Microphone Sensiti..
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Brand: Fantech Model: FANTECH HG15
CAPTAIN 7.1 HG15 Flawless Running RGB●︎ Full-Size 7.1 Gaming Headphones●︎ Channel : True 7.1 (SSS Chipset)●︎ LED: Running RGB●︎ Plug type : USB Plug ●︎ Driver size : 50 mm●︎ Cable Length : 2.5m Plastic cable●︎ Headset Size : 215*190*110 mm●︎ Weight : 335gr (460 gr with packing)●︎ Freq. ran..
Ex Tax:1,999৳
Brand: Fantech Model: FANTECH HG16
FANTECH HG16 ●︎ Light weight for a long time●︎ Volume adjuster●︎ Full Size Over-Ear Headset●︎ Connect with a USB●︎ Advance 7.1 Virtual Surround Sound Engine●︎ RGB LED Light●︎ Programable Support●︎ Noise cancellation MicrophoneSpecifictionChannel: Virtual 7.1 (C-Media Chipset)LED: RGB illuminati..
Ex Tax:1,999৳
Brand: Fantech Model: FANTECH HG17
FANTECH RGB HG17 Visage●︎ Type -Mid-Size Over-ear Gaming Headphones●︎ Headphone LED RGB Illumination●︎ Plug Type – 3.5mm Jack + USB Plug●︎ Driver Size Φ50 mm●︎ Cable Length – 2m Nylon Braided cable●︎ Freq. Range 20-20K Hz●︎ Speaker Sensitivity 108+/-3dB●︎ Mic Sensitivity 38+/-3dB●︎ Impedance 32Ω+/-1..
Ex Tax:1,200৳
Fantech HG18 Captain 7.1 Gaming Headset
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Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech HG18
Fantech HG18 ●︎ Full-Size Around ear●︎ 50mm Diver Unit●︎ Vibration●︎ LED: Red_+MIC(Red LED)●︎ Plug type : USB●︎ Cable length:2.2**2 years warrant.Click here for More gaming  headset....
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Fantech HG2 Cheapest headphone wired Gaming customized logo, low headset price In Bangladesh
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Model: Fantech HG2
Fantech HG2○ Ultimate Comfort Leather○ Adjustable Head Band○ Deep Bass○ 210cm Length + 50mm Thick Cable○ Noise Canceling Super Clear MicrophoneThe Fantech HG2 professional gaming headset owns the sophisticated engine which boost the bass level and even balance incoming voice audio for astoundin..
Ex Tax:450৳
Brand: Fantech Model: Fantech HG4
HG4 Wired Gaming Headphone●︎ Full-size open type headset●︎ 210cm Anti-break nylon braided cable●︎ 3.5mm and Usb Jack●︎ Flexible soft fabric headset●︎ Bass enhancement●︎ Noise cancelling microphone●︎ Chroma lightingFantech HG4: full-size gaming headset diproduksi untuk memberikan kualitas suara.spesi..
Ex Tax:1,199৳
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