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Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI DDR5 Graphics Card

Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI DDR5 Graphics Card

Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI DDR5 Graphics Card

  • Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI
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Product Code: Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI

Model:  Gigabyte GV-N730D5-2GI

Memory Clock Speed:  5000 MHz

Memory Size:  2 GB

Memory Type:  GDDR5

Card size:  H=29 L=177 W=126 mm

Graphics Engine:  GeForce GT 730

Warranty: 2 Year

Product Description:

Geforce GT 730 Graphics Accelerator Ultra Durable 2 -Designed with Top Quality Highly Efficient Components : Using high quality components on graphics cards is the key factor for having an long lasting, stable and reliable product. GIGABYTE is again setting a new standard by using Ferrite Core Chokes, Low RDS(on) MOSFET and lower ESR Solid Capacitors, providing the stability and reliability from their high-end graphics solution. In addition , GIGABYTE Ultra Durable 2 Edition Graphics Cards now feature a sophisticated layout topology. This state-of-the-art power design from Gigabyte delivers the ideal integration of thermal, electric characteristics, digital signals, power circuitry and optimum placement of components for enhanced graphics performance. GIGABYTE custom-designed 80 mm cooler, with air flow optimized cover and aluminum base. 

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