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What is a Gimbal Stabilizer?

A gimbal is a stabilizing holder that holds your camera straight, regardless of your movement. The rotating axes absorb unexpected directions and allow them to run smoothly and slowly. This creates stable and smooth images. Gimbals are available for both smartphones and different types of cameras.

How to Choose Right Gimbal

Gimbal technology has come a long way in recent years, and almost any type of camera has an option available. When choosing a camera gimbal stabilizer, it's essential to consider your gear's weight and dimensions, as those two factors will affect the type you need. Gimbals can fit nearly everything, from GoPro to a DSLR. When used properly, they can help you accomplish extreme mobility and still attain smooth footage.

What is the Difference Between a 2-Axis and a 3-Axis Camera Stabilizer?

A camera supported on a 3-axis gimbal has three degrees of movement. It can move from side to side, known as panning; up and down, called tilting; and twist horizontally, termed rolling. All 3-axis professional video stabilizer systems dampen movement in any of these three axes to ensure the camera continues to point toward the subject.

3-axis control isn't necessary for some instances, and a 2-axis gimbal will suffice. For example, a 2-axis stabilizer controls tilting and rolling but doesn't control panning. Drones often have 2-axis controls.

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