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Stock: In Stock Model: CHIONE E2-120R
Gamdias CHIONE E2-120R RGB CPU CoolerSpecifications: Type : All-in-one liquid coolerFan Speed : 700 - 2000 RPM±10%Fan Airflow : 69 CFMNoise : 16 - 27 dBAAir Pressure 2.07 mmH2OConnector Fan: Peripheral (Molex) (Extra 4-pin Peripheral)Pump: 3 PinLED Number 16+6 addressableMaterial Tube: TeflonBa..
Ex Tax:5,900৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Gamdias CHIONE M2-240R
Gamdias CHIONE M2-240R RGB CPU CoolerSpecifications :●︎ Remote Controller Two fans and pump can sync with motherboard software or remote control and can easily switch to 55 lighting effects including Neon Flex RGB, Multi-color and LED off●︎ RGB dual rings, fans, ring around the pump, and the lo..
Ex Tax:8,200৳
Stock: In Stock Model: AEOLUS M2-1204R
Gamdias AEOLUS M2-1204R Casing Cooling FanFeatures:●︎ Fan Speed: 500 - 1500 RPM±10%●︎ Air Flow: High-speed Air Flow●︎ Operating Voltage/Power Range: 12 V (Fan) / 5V(LED)●︎ Color: Multi-color (Rainbow color RGB)●︎ Size: 120 x 120 x 25 mm**01 Year Warranty.Gamdias AEOLUS RGB Casing Cooling FanGamdias ..
Ex Tax:4,200৳
Stock: In Stock Model: CHIONE M1A-240R
CHIONE M1A-240RCHIONE M1A-240R comes with the leak-free Teflon Tube which makes the liquid evaporate at an extremely low rate. The tube remains anti-explosive despite high pressure and extreme heat triggered by the cooling process. Hence, this makes CHIONE M1A-240R a tremendously durable cooler.FEAT..
Ex Tax:8,750৳
Stock: In Stock Model: CHIONE E1A 120R
CHIONE E1A-120RFEATURES●︎ Type: Neon-Flex RGB, Multi-color and LED●︎ Fan Speed: 1200/1320/1500 RPM ±10%●︎ Connector: Fan- 6 Pin ●︎ Power Connector Type- SATA●︎ LED Number: 18●︎ Tube- Teflon●︎ Base Plate- Copper●︎ Radiator- Aluminum●︎ Dimension: FAN- 120 X 120 X 25 mm●︎ Radiator- 151 X 119 X 27 ..
5,300৳ 5,500৳
Ex Tax:5,300৳
Stock: In Stock Model: CHIONE E1 120
CHIONE E1-120The advanced design of Neon-Flex RGB comes with more than 30 lighting effects. By pressing one button, the lighting can be easily switched to various effects, including RGB, Multi-color, and LED off.FEATURES●︎ One Touch to Easily Switch More Than 30 Lighting Effects Including Neon-Flex ..
Ex Tax:5,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: AEOLUS M1 1204R
AEOLUS M1-1204R4 in 1 fan pack suits your need just in one box. AEOLUS M1-1204R comes with remote controller and AEOLUS BoxⅡ to enrich your customizing experience by simple wire connection and buttons.Features●︎ Remote controller can easily switch to 55 lighting effects including Neon-Flex, RGB, ●︎ ..
Ex Tax:4,800৳
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