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Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo N1820
Rapoo 8000P Combo ●︎ Compact and reliable ●︎ Accurate cursor positioning ●︎ Spill-resistant ●︎ Customisable multimedia keys ●︎ Ultra-small Nano receiver ●︎ One-year ultra-long standby time**02 years warranty.Click here for more Keyboard..1000 DPI high-definition trackin..
Ex Tax:1,700৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo 8100M
Rapoo 8100M Multi-mode● Intelligently switch among multiple devices● Switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4 GHz● 1300 DPI tracking engine● Multimedia hotkeysCompact and fashionable, suitable for high-end office users, especially who have multiple computers/pads.Specification-keyboard:● Transmissi..
Ex Tax:2,000৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo 8200M
Rapoo 8200M Multi-mode●  Intelligently switch among multiple devices● Switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4 GHz● Fully adjustable DPI sensor● Spill-resistant design● Multimedia hotkeysRapoo first Multi-mode combo Simultaneously connects to up to 3 devices, and switches among them with ease...
Ex Tax:2,200৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo 9060m
Rapoo 9060M Multi-mode● Intelligently switch among multiple devices● Switch between Bluetooth 3.0, 4.0 and 2.4G● Adjustable Tracking Engine● 4.9 mm ultra-slim design with aluminium alloy base● Chiclet keys and scissor key structure for comfortable and accurate typingRapoo ultra-slim combo, compact a..
Ex Tax:2,800৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo E1050
Rapoo E1050 Anti-Splash 2.4G Keyboard*Type- Wireless Keyboard*Installation- Plug and play simplicity*Wireless Keyboard BANGLA/Black,*10 meter wireless transmission,*12 months battery life,*Media control, Spill-resistant,*Black Color*Item Height 28 Millimeters*Item Width 12.5 Centimeters*Weight 540 g..
Ex Tax:799৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo E1050
Rapoo E1050 Wireless● Compact key layout● retaining most function keys● saving desktop space.● Laser carved keycap●  make it wearable● durable and long lifetime. The main sales wireless keyboard, has good typing experience, spill-resistant, multimedia shortcuts, It is ideal for most users...
Ex Tax:850৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo E2710
Rapoo E2710 Wireless Touch Keyboard♦2.4GHz wireless connection♦Stainless steel case♦Ultralight 5.6 mm design♦80 keys with scissor mechanism♦Fn multimedia hotkeys♦Scratch-resistant touchpad♦Nano USB receiver♦Staufach for Nano-USB receiver♦Incl. 2 AAA Batteries♦Up to 8 months battery lifeRapoo E 2710 ..
Ex Tax:3,200৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo E9080
Rapoo E9080●︎ Wireless Touchpad Keyboard●︎ IF Design Award Winner●︎ 5.6mm ultra-thin●︎ Smart Touch Zone●︎ Ultra-small Nano receiver**02 Years WarrantyClick here for more keyboard....
Ex Tax:3,690৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo E9180P
Rapoo E9180P Ultra-Slim Wireless KeyboardCustomizable gestures functions♦Up to 15 touch gestures of touchpad, provide accurate and quick navigation to surf Windows 8; the driver allows you to assign functions to different gestures.Reliable 5G wireless transmission♦Reliable 5G wireless transmission r..
Ex Tax:3,699৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: E9270P
Rapoo E9270P Wireless Ultra-Slim● Intelligent Induction Media Buttons, backlight will be on when fingers● approach the touch area● 4.0mm at thinnest ultra-slim design with wiredrawn stainless steel● Scissor key structure design, offer better typing experience**1 year warrantySpecification:● Ultra-sl..
Ex Tax:4,000৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo VPRO Combo
Rapoo Gaming VPRO V110S Combo KeyboardKeyboardDimension(LxWxH) 45 x 16 x 3.6 cmDPI adjustable DPI (1000/1600/2400/3200)MouseResolution: Customisable real-time resolution adjustmentTracking Method: Yes..
Ex Tax:2,500৳
Brand: Rapoo Model: Rapoo K2600
K2600 Wireless Touch ● Compact design to save space which is both stylish and simple.● With touchpad, abundant touch gestures● Anti-oxidation sealed membraneReliable and durable design, with touch function, the preferred keyboard for the living room.Specification:● Transmission mode:  2.4G..
Ex Tax:1,999৳
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