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Stock: In Stock Model: KRS-85 Black
A4TECH KRS 85 Keyboard SpecificationsMain FeaturesWired/Wireless : Wired (USB)Keycaps : A-Shape, Round EdgeAdjustable Keyboard Legs : YesButtons No :  4Hotkeys : 12 Fn HotkeysCable Length : 150 cmPhysical AttributeInterfaceSystem Requirements Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10Color : Bl..
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A4 Tech Bloody B125 Illuminate Water-Resistant Backlit Gaming Keyboard
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: Bloody B125 Illuminate
Bloody B125 IlluminateSpecification:●︎ Silicon Coated Keycaps : W / A / S / D●︎ Backlit : Red●︎ Water-Resistant:Double Secured●︎ Space-Bar: Screw Enhanced●︎ Connector: USB●︎ Cable Length : 1.8m ●︎ Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10 or later**01 years warranty.A4 Tech Bloody Illuminate Water-..
Ex Tax:2,400৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4tech KB-8A
A4tech KB-8A Smart Key Keyboard●︎ Keyboard: KB-8A●︎ Keycaps: Traditional●︎ Hotkeys: No●︎ Character: Laser Engraving●︎ Splash Proof: Yes●︎ Adjustable Keyboard Legs: Yes●︎ Rating: 5 V / 30 mA●︎ Demension: 459 × 165 × 25 mm●︎ Weight: 640 g●︎ Cable Length: 150 cm●︎ Hardware Connectivity: USB / PS2●︎ Ill..
Ex Tax:800৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4 TECH Bloody B760
Bloody B760 FULL LIGHT STRIKE ●︎ Connector: USB●︎ Key Style: Optical switch●︎ Key Response: 0.2ms●︎ Anti-Ghosting Key: Full N-Key Rollover●︎ Gaming Keycaps: ABS Keycaps●︎ Hotkey: Multimedia Hotkey●︎ Backlit: Neon Glare System●︎ Backlit Brightness: Adjustable●︎ Space-Bar: Screw Enhanced Space-Ba..
Ex Tax:4,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4tech 3300N
A4 Tech 3300N Wireless Keyboard● Comfortable full-size keyboard and easy-to-carry mouse with snap-on wireless receiver increase freedom,  so you can work comfortably away from your computer.● Consistent Wireless Stability● Advanced 2.4GHz powerful wireless connection with distance up to 10..
Ex Tax:1,400৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4Tech Bloody B180R
A4Tech Bloody B180RMain FeaturesBacklit 5-Zone Customizable RGBConnection Type USBPhysical Attribute Cable Length 1.8mDimension 445 x 132 x 34 mm**1 years WarrantyA4Tech Bloody B180RA4Tech's Bloody is the Ultimate Gaming Gear that comprises of 16.8 M Colors, 5-Zone customizable RGB &a..
Ex Tax:2,999৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4Tech Bloody B130
A4Tech Bloody B130 Gaming Keyboard●  Silicon Coated Keycaps : W / A / S / D●  Backlit : 3-Color●  Water-Resistant : Double Secured●  Space-Bar : Screw Enhanced●  Connector : USB●  Cable Length : 1.8m ●  Windows XP /..
Ex Tax:2,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4tech Bloody B820R
A4Tech Bloody B820R RGB●  Connector: USB●  Key Style: Optic switch●  Key Response: 0.2ms●  Anti-Ghosting Key: 100% Anti-ghosting key●  Gaming Keycaps: 8 convex silicon keys●  Hotkey: Multimedia Hotkey●  Backlit: Customize RGB Animation..
Ex Tax:5,500৳
A4 Tech Bloody Mechanical Gaming Keyboard b810r RGB Animation Light Strike
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Stock: Out Of Stock Model: A4 Tech b810r RGB
A4 Tech Bloody Mechanical Gaming KeyboardTechnical Details:◘Type of connection Wired◘Cord length, m 1.8◘Compatibility PC◘Number of keys 104◘Backlight 16.8 million colors◘Keyboard type Mechanical◘Food USB◘Dimensions, mm 444 x 132 x 37◘Type of mechanical switch LK OpticA4 Tech Bloody Mechanical Gaming..
Ex Tax:5,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4 TECH B188
A4 TECH Bloody B188 Gaming Keyboard●︎ Design Style:  Gaming●︎ Key Switch Type-  Light Strike Black●︎ Optical Key: Q/W/E/R/A/S/D/F Infrared Switch●︎ Optical Key response: 0.2ms●︎ Keycap:  2-Color injection molding●︎ Hotkey:Fn+key combination●︎ Backlit..
Ex Tax:2,500৳
A4 TECH Bloody B328 Light Strike Gaming Keyboard
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Stock: Out Of Stock Model: A4 Tech B328
A4 Tech B328 Bloody Gaming:>Model: A4 Tech B328>Type: Gaming Keyboard>Keyboard port: USB or PS/2 (in kind)>Keycap technology: Two-color molding>Features:Optical Key: Q/W/E/R/A/S/D/F, Optical Key response: 0.2ms, Backlit: Neon Glare, Water-Resistant: Double Secured, Calbe Length: ..
Ex Tax:2,600৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4 TECH KLS-5
A4 TECH KLS-5 Multimedia● Model: A4 TECH KLS-5● Color: Black● Type: X-slim● multifunction keyboard● Product Dimension: Keyboard:320(L)×160(W)×14.5(H)mm● System Requirements: Windows98/ME/2000/XP(X64)/2003(X64)/MCE2005/Vista X86&X64● Weight (kg) 0.2**1 Year warr..
Ex Tax:750৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4 TECH KR-85
A4 TECH KR-85 keyboard ● Ease keystroke on your fingertips● Providing hours of typing comfort● Comfort Round-edged keycaps● Easy keystrokes● Adjustable tilt legs enable a truly personalized experience● Choose the keyboard height that maximizes your comfort and matc..
Ex Tax:550৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4 TECH 3000N
A4 TECH 3000N V-TRACK 2.4G KeyboardHas rounded keys, which is useful when printingFull-sized keyboard provides comfort at workAngle of the keyboard can be adjusted with retractable legsRadius: 15 mMouseResolution: 1000 dpiSensor Type: V-TrackInterface: USB 2.0Air Interface: 2.4 GHzRadius: 15 m*..
Ex Tax:1,300৳
A4Tech Bloody B2100 Blazing Gaming Keyboard and Mouse
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: Bloody B2100
Bloody B2100 Blazing:>Double secure water-resistant keyboard>Ergonomic Palm Rest>Blazing Gaming>Glowing Printing Coating>Armor Boot-Durable Metal XGlide>2 Slide Illuminated LED>Screw Enhanced SPACE BAR>Double Secure Water Resistance>Convex Silicon Keys for Greater Control&..
Ex Tax:2,999৳
A4tech Bloody B1500 Combo Set keyboard
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: B1500 Combo
A4tech Bloody B1500 Combo Set keyboard>Model:  B1500 Combo>Transmission:Wired>Letter LED:5 Levels of Brightness>Bloody Logo: Illumiated in Red>Connector :USB (2.0/3.0)>System supports:Windows XP/Vista/7/8>Cable length:1.8 mProduct Details:Bloody keyboard and mouse Gaming, U..
Ex Tax:2,900৳
A4TECH Bloody B120 Gaming Keyboard
Out Of Stock
Stock: Out Of Stock Model: BLOODY B120
A4TECH Bloody B120 Keyboard✡ Transmission:Wired✡ Letter LED:5 Levels of Brightness✡ Bloody Logo: Illumiated in Red✡ Connector :USB (2.0/3.0)✡ System supports:Windows XP/Vista/7/8✡ Cable length:1.8 m✡ Dimension/Weight (g):458 x 180 x 37(mm)/ 1694(g)A4TECH Bloody B120: Auto-Shot Key Setting__ Aut..
Ex Tax:2,200৳
Stock: In Stock Model: A4Tech KR-83
A4 TECH KR-83● Comfort Round-edge Key-caps, ease keystroke on your fingertips, providing hours of typing comfort.● It has specially designed drain holes that will help exhaust liquid from the keyboard, and prevent damage by accidental liquid-spill off.● Adjustable tilt legs enable a t..
Ex Tax:550৳
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