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Rapoo 1620 Wireless Optical Mouse

Rapoo 1620 Wireless Optical Mouse


Rapoo 1620 Wireless

●︎  Transmission mode: 2.4G wireless/10m working range.

●︎  Sensor: Optical

●︎  DPI: 1000

●︎  Buttons: Left button, middle button,right button

●︎  Scroll wheel direction: Two way

●︎  Power supply mode: Alkaline battery, 1 AA alkaline battery(Pre-installed)

●︎ Battery life: 9 months

●︎ Product dimension(L*W*H mm):  111.4*63.8*39.8

**1 Year Warrenty

Bilateral symmetry, ambidextrous design, Lateral rubber

Entry-level wireless mouse, cheap, have basic/ functions,for the people who do not have too/ much performance requirements.


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Rapoo 1620 Wireless Optical Mouse
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