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Access Control

Stock: In Stock Model: Zkteco ZK-D1065S
ZKTeco ZK-D1065S●︎ 100 adjustable sensitivity levels●︎ Alarm strength indicator●︎ Harmless to human body●︎ Password protection●︎ Count statistics of alarms and people●︎ Fireproof material●︎ Program Self-diagnostic●︎ Six mutual over-lapping detecting zones●︎ Sound & LED alarm●︎ Power supply: AC10..
Ex Tax:50,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Zkteco TL400B
ZKTeco TL400BSmart Phone, Smart Lock.Your smart phone is now your key.Voice volume is adjustable.Enhanced security by random password for code access.European standard mortise - the door locks by itself once close.Specifications●︎ User Capcity : 100●︎ Password Capcity : 100●︎ Fingerprint Capacity : ..
Ex Tax:19,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Zkteco AL20B
ZKTeco AL20B●︎ User Capacity: 100●︎ Password Capacity: 100●︎ Fingerprint Capacity: 100●︎ Power Supply: 4×AA Alkaline battery (NOT supplied)●︎ 30mm Thinness●︎ Alarm Mode●︎ Back Up Power●︎ BLE 4.0**1 year warrantyFind more..
Ex Tax:15,000৳
ZKTeco UR10R-1E UHF Card Issuer
Stock: Upcoming Model: Zkteco UR10R-1E
ZKTeco UR10R-1EUR10R-1E and UR10R-1F are ultra high frequency and read-only encryption card issuer which only read ZK encrypted UHF tags.Combined with UHF non-contact radio  frequency circuits and various coding and decoding algorithms,this card issuer can read the labels and cards which suppor..
Ex Tax:0৳
ZKTeco KR101M Wiegand Readers
Stock: Upcoming Model: ZKTeco KR101M
ZKTeco KR101MWith an elegant and robust design, they are easy to connect and install, and offer the possibility to control one door from both sides. The LED lights indicate allowed or denied access. They have a proximity reading range of up to 5 cm in the M series case. The fact that this series is ..
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ZKTeco KR602M Mifare Card Device Reader
Stock: Upcoming Model: Zkteco KR602M
ZKTeco KR602M●︎ Easy to install●︎ 125KHz Proximity/13.56MHz Mifare Card Reader●︎ Read Range: Up to 10CM(125KHz)/5CM(13.56MHz)●︎ 26/34bit Wiegand (default)●︎ Easy to install on Metal Door Frame or Mullion●︎ External LED Control●︎ External Buzzer Control●︎ Indoor / Outdoor Operation●︎ Solid Epoxy Inje..
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Stock: In Stock Model: ZKTeco ZK8500R
ZKTeco ZK8500RZK8500R is a USB fingerprint scanner and card issue device that provides a simple and efficient way to register user fingerprints and card numbers with ZKTeco Software. This device can capture fingerprint image or read card serial number (ID/Mifare) directly and upload to the system by..
Ex Tax:7,400৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Zkteco SLK20R
ZKTeco SLK20RSLK20R is a leading fingerprint scanner designed by ZKTeco USA laboratory which adopts the advanced optical design. It has a superior ability to do live fingerprint detection and capture high-quality fingerprint images by 2 Megapixel camera. It can be the most comfortable and affordable..
Ex Tax:7,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Zkteco ZK4500
ZkTeco ZK4500ZK4500 is a stable and excellent fingerprint scanner. The device can capture fingerprint image and upload to the PC by USB interface. It supports Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7(32/64bit) and Linux OS. We provide developer with SDK. The developer can integrate the hardware into their own s..
Ex Tax:4,100৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Zkteco FR1500
ZKTeco FR1500●︎ RS-485 Communication Interface●︎ Optional Fingerprint Protective Cover.●︎ SilkID Fingerprint Sensor and Support Live Finger Detecting●︎ Single gang Standard junction box installation●︎ IP65 rated rugged structure●︎ Dimension(L x W x H): 121.3 × 77.3 × 38 mm●︎ Compatibility: inBio/inB..
Ex Tax:6,300৳
Stock: In Stock Model: ZKteco FR1200
ZKTeco FR1200FR1200, a fingerprint reader with RS485 communication interface works with biometric access controllers and fingerprint standalone access control, including inBIO series controllers, F8 and so on. It offers the function of capturing and transferring fingerprint samples to access co..
Ex Tax:7,000৳
ZKTeco Inbio460 Pro IP-based Biometric Door Access Control Panel
Stock: Upcoming Model: Zkteco Inbio460 Pro
ZKTeco Inbio460 ProInBio Pro Series is a project oriented high-end product line with unique features such as embedded fingerprint verification and advanced access control functions, which can be managed by TCP/IP communication thru LAN or WAN networks.In combination with the FR1500-ID RS485 reader, ..
Ex Tax:0৳
ZKTeco Inbio260 Pro IP-based Biometric Door Access Control Panel
Stock: Upcoming Model: ZKTeco Inbio260 Pro
ZKTeco Inbio260 ProInBio Pro Series is a project oriented high-end product line with unique features such as embedded fingerprint verification and advanced access control functions, which can be managed by TCP/IP communication thru LAN or WAN networks.In combination with the FR1500-ID RS485 reader, ..
Ex Tax:0৳
ZKTeco ProCapture-X Fingerprint Standalone Access Control and Time  Attendance (READER SUPPORTED)
Stock: Upcoming Model: ZKTeco ProCapture-X
ZKTeco ProCapture-XProCapture-X is a POE fingerprint access control terminal with the most advanced SilkID technology, which not only possesses outstandingly high identification rate towards dry, wet and rough finger, but also provides the utmost security with its live finger detecting capability. T..
Ex Tax:0৳
Stock: In Stock Model: ZKTeco X8s
ZKTeco X8sX8s is the most innovative biometric fingerprint reader for access control applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm with excellent reliability, precision and matching speed.It can operate on standalone mode with the interface for third-party electric lock..
Ex Tax:6,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: MultiBio 800
MultiBio 800MultiBio 800-H is a time attendance and access control terminal for face and fingerprint verification. Using ZK lastest ZKFACE 7.0 high-speed face recognition algorithm, it has extremely high verification speed and low error rate.With its high-resolution infrared night vision light and p..
Ex Tax:18,500৳
Stock: In Stock Model: Zktec FV18
Zktec FV18FV18 is a multi-biometric reader capable of capturing and processing finger vein and fingerprint biometric data at the same time. The new hardware platform uses ZMM220 core-board with 1.2Ghz CPU. With optimization of both hardware platform and algorithm, FV18 is one of high recognition rat..
Ex Tax:11,800৳
Stock: In Stock Model: iClock 3000
ZKTeco iClock 3000The firmware of iClock 3000 has been updated to the New version with whole new experiences including stunning GUI, rock-solid stability, fast matching and expandability.Users can easily manage data by networking iClock 3000 via RS232/485, TCP/IP, and USB client. Most importantly, a..
Ex Tax:21,000৳
Stock: In Stock Model: ZkTeco uFace302
ZkTeco uFace302ZKTeco has released the uFace302 Multi-Biometric T&A and Access Control Terminal which supports 3,000 face templates, 4,000 fingerprint templates and 10,000 cards. It is equipped with ZKTeco latest hardware platform and algorithm, which provide clients with a brand new UI and..
21,800৳ 23,500৳
Ex Tax:21,800৳
Stock: In Stock Model: ZKTeco MB2000
ZKTeco MB2000 Multi-biometricMB 2000 multi-biometric identificationTime & Attendance and Access Control terminal adopts ZKTeco's latest platform with ZKFace algorithm and large capacity memory.With the upgraded hardware, it can now store up to 2000 face templates.It integrates with 800..
14,500৳ 16,000৳
Ex Tax:14,500৳
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