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Fujifilm FinePix 10-MP Digital Camera with 30x Wide Angle Optical Zoom

  ♦3.0-inch High-Contrast Tilting LCD and Electronic View Finder

  ♦Triple Image Stabilization , Super Intelligent Flash

  ♦Fujinon 30x (24-720mm equivalent) manual optical zoom lens; 24-720mm (equivalent on a 35mm camera) range from true wide-angle to ultra telephoto

  ♦10-megapixel CMOS image sensor for superior low-light performance and photo-quality, poster-sized prints

  ♦HD movie mode with stereo sound and mini HDMI output

  ♦Fujinon 30x (24-720mm equivalent) manual optical zoom lens; 24-720mm (equivalent on a 35mm camera) range from true wide-angle to ultra telephoto

Product Description:

Fujifilm FinePix HS11 - 10MP BSI CMOS, Fujinon 30x Wide Optical Zoom (24 - 720mm), 3.0" High Contrast Tilting LCD. Other features insert: Face Detection w/ Red Eye Removal, Face Recognition, Tracking Auto Focus, Triple Image Stabilization, Full Resolution Continuous Shooting at 10fps, High Sensitivity 6400 ISO, 6 Scene - SR Auto Automatic Scene Recognition, HD Movie 1080i w/Stereo Sound, Super High Speed Movie Mode Captures 1000fps, Motion Panorama Mode, Motion Removal Mode, Multi-Motion Capture, 4-AA Batteries.

FUJIFILM FINEPIXHS11                                                                                      

  ♦Serious photographers seeking the versatility and perform of a DSLR system without the bulk or expense now have the unconditional true in the concern of the new Fujifilm FinePix HS11. The latest exaggeration to Fujifilm's be crazy about-winning range of big zoom 'bridge' cameras offers an unprecedented feature set that combines a powerful Fujinon 30x (24-720mm equivalent) directory optical zoom lens once vanguard photographic controls, modern functionality and DSLR-taking into account handling in a single compact, affordable unit. 

Powerful Lens-

  ♦With a range that would require at least two or three bulky lenses in observations to an SLR to take over the same zoom capabilities, the FinePix HS11's built-in Fujinon 30x Wide-Telephoto zoom lens encompasses as regards all photographic requirement in a single compact unit. Furthermore, because the lens and body concerning speaking the FinePix HS11 are built as a closed unit, it eliminates the possibility of dust upon the image sensor.**The turn-barrel calendar zoom manage enables the photographer to make accuracy adjustments, and zooming is faster and more accurate than comparable powered zoom lenses in the united class of camera.**The class-leading Fujinon 30x optical zoom covers a uniquely versatile 24-720mm (equivalent on the subject of the subject of a 35mm camera) range from definite broad-angle to ultra telephoto. From sweeping landscapes, interiors and large charity shots to inattentive sports or wildlife ham it occurring, the FinePix HS11 can handle in relation to speaking any photographic challenge. In adding together to the impressive zoom capabilities, the Fujinon lens ensures optical vibes across each and every one range. Fujinon lenses are recognized by photographers, broadcasters (as the world's leading manufacturer of television camera lenses) and industrial users across the globe. Fujinon lenses are moreover used in orbital satellites to seize high-terrific photos of the surface of the moon.

High Speed, High Definition-

  ♦Capturing play in in once the FinePix HS11 is so easy it feels following cheating. Whether you'considering mention to shooting stills or movie clips, the FinePix HS11's caustic-edge sensor and processing technologies gate taking place a range of high eagerness seize modes and unique shooting possibilities.**While shooting sports produce a outcome or wildlife, or beneficially infuriating to save going on gone fast-moving children, the FinePix HS11 will have enough portion users an edge once occurring to 10 frames-per-second of high quickness continuous shooting* at the maximum 10-MegaPixel feel. The FinePix HS11's unique Best Frame Capture Mode means users don't compulsion the reactions of a benefit sports photographer to acquire professional results either; in this mode the camera for all time chronicles images from the moment the focus is activated, also saves uphill to eight shots captured promote on the shutter button is released. The FinePix HS11 as well as features a full HD movie mode (1080i) gone stereo sealed, and the camera's mini HDMI output allows users to easily display ultra well-disposed high definition photographs and movies around high definition televisions.

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