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Corsair CMPSU-500CX Builder Series 500W Power Supply

♦Supports the latest ATX12V v2.3 standard and is backward compatible with ATX12V 2.2 and ATX12V 2.01 systems

♦An ultra-quiet 120mm fan delivers excellent airflow at an exceptionally low noise level by varying fan speed in response to temperature

♦Up to 80% energy efficiency means less heat generation and lower energy bills

♦Complies with ErP Lot 6 European Union standard for low standby power consumption

♦3 years warranty

Builder Series™ 500CX

The Corsair Builder Series of PSUs ar designed for worry-free compatibility for your home desktop laptop system build or upgrade. With options typically reserved for premium power provides, {they ar|they're} an excellent selection for systems wherever continuous and reliable power delivery and low noise are essential.

With up to eightieth energy potency and zero.99 Active Power issue Correction, the Corsair Builder Series CX500 delivers the ability required for medium specification home or workplace PCs that don't have high numbers of elements, whereas conjointly providing high energy potency and low noise.


Compatible with the ATX12V v2.3 standard, the Corsair Builder Series CX500 provides most power stability to drive the processors yet as different system elements.


The Corsair Builder Series CX500 provides rated up to 500W of continuous power output at 30°C for thought pc systems. Dedicated single +12V rail offers most compatibility with the most recent elements.

SILENT, economical COOLING

The ultra-quiet 120mm fan delivers wonderful air flow at AN exceptionally low background level by varied fan speed in response to internal temperature.


The extra long fully-sleeved cables guarantee convenient, clean cable routing even in a very full tower chassis.

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